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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 

Copiah-Lincoln Community College 
Wesson and Natchez, Mississippi 


70 Years of Hits 

Table of Contents 







Natchez Campus 

1998 Trillum 



Dr. Howell 




Dr. Howell C. Garner became president of Copiah- 
Lincoln Community College on July 1, 1997. 

Having been affiliated with Co-Lin for 23 years 
before becoming president, he was dean of the college 
since 1985 and before that was dean of the Natchez 
campus and assistant dean. 

He has been a high school social studies teacher, a 
business law/political science instructor on the commu- 
nity college level, and adjunct instructor at the Universi- 
ty of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi State Univer- 

Dr. Garner earned a bachelor's degree from Missis- 
sippi State University, 40 hours at the University of Mis- 
sissippi School of Law, a master's degree and his doc- 
torate, both from the University of Southern Mississippi. 

He has served on numerous boards and committees 
and as president of the Mississippi Deans Association. 
He is listed in several professional biographies. 

Dr. Garner has been active in the Lions Club on a 
local, state, and national level. He has held numerous 
local offices in the Natchez and Wesson Lions Clubs. 
He has been a district governor among many state hon- 
ors and offices and was named a Melvin Jones Fellow in 
1988, was presented the Lions International Membership 
Award in 1989, the Lions International President's Cer- 
tificate of Appreciation in 1992, and the Lions Interna- 
tional President's Leadership Awards in 1991 and 1996. 

Further, he has served the community as president of 
the local and county chambers of commerce. 

He and his family are active members of Wesson 
Baptist Church. 

Dr. Garner and his wife, Candance, are parents of two 
sons. Brad and Justin. 

Mrs. Candance Gainer is surrounded by (left to right) Justin Garner; 
Dr. Howell C. Garner; and Brad Garner. 

I ! 

Dr. Paul Johnson 
leads faculty 

Dr. Paul D. Johnson became district dean of the college on 
July 1. Prior to that he served a year as dean of the Natchez cam- 

He was assistant basketball coach at Co-Lin in 1986-87 and 
came back in 1988 as men's basketball coach, a position he held 
until 1996. He was chairperson of the health and physical educa- 
tion division during 1995-96. 

Dr. Johnson began his coaching/teaching career at South 
Natchez from 1978-90, then at the University of Texas from 
1980-82 and 1984-86 as assistant basketball coach and at East 
Tennessee State University from 1982-84. He was at Prentiss 
High School in 1987-88. 

A graduate of Jones County Junior College, he received his 
bachelor's degree from Belhaven College in 1978 and a master's 
degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1986. He 
completed his doctorate degree in the summer of 1997 at the Uni- 
versity of Mississippi. 

He and his wife, the former Mary Miller, are parents of two 
daughters, Maggie and Anna. 

Pictured are Mrs. Mary Johnson; Maggie Johnson: and Dr. Paul Johnson. Stand- 
ing above is Anna Johnson. 


The 1998 Trillium is dedicated to 

Michael D. Mclntyre 

* Co-Lin, A. A.: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Mas- 
ter of Business Administration, University of Southern Mississippi; 
additional study, USM, Mississippi College, Memphis State, University 
of Utah; USPTR-Certified Tennis Teaching Professional, Van der Meer 
Tennis/University, University of South Carolina, 1986. 

* Chairperson, business division 

* Mississippi's Most Outstanding Phi Beta Lambda Local Advisor, 
Washington, D.C., 1996; Educator of Year, Wesson Chamber of Com- 
merce, 1995; Teaching Excellence Award, National Institute for Staff 
and Organizational Development, University of Texas at Austin, 1994; 
Member Phi Beta Lambda State executive board, 1994-97; since 1977 
students have won 268 awards in state-wide competition (v.s. two-and- 
four-year colleges and universities) and 64 national awards; Most Out- 
standing Chapter Award in 9 of last 17 years; Outstanding Instructor of 
Year in academics, 1982, Co-Lin Alumni Association; Alumnus of 
Year. Co-Lin. 1996. 

* His economics students have won 21 awards (15 first place) in 
statewide competition 19 out of last 21 -year period, in addition to 9 
national awards over all two and four-year colleges and universities; 
national first place winner, 1983. 

* Former president, Copiah-Lincoln Athletic Alumni Association; for- 
mer president, Copiah-Lincoln Education Association, 1984-85; served 
as CLEA officer 2 years and chaired various committees. 

* Participant at United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) 
International Symposium held on Hilton Head, S.C., 1993-1996; Mis- 
sissippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges and NJCAA 
Region 23 Tennis Coach of the Year, 1990; NJCAA National Top 10 in 
1990, first Mississippi team to achieve distinction; Selected Coach of 
the Year in MACJC five times, four times for NJCAA Region 23 Ten- 
nis; Recipient in 1990 of MACJC Tennis Coaches Association "Com- 
munity Service and Leadership Award"; chairman of NJCAA Region 
23 Tennis Coaches Association, 1984-1991 ; executive board member 
since 1980; president MACJC Tennis Coaches Association, 1984-1990; 
executive board, 1980-1995. 

* As CLCC Varsity Tennis Coach Career dual match won/loss record 
270/43 over 1 8 seasons; five MACJC state and four NJCAA regional 
championships, 16 other team titles, ten nationally ranked teams, par- 
ticipated in seven NJCAA national tournaments finishing in National 
Top Ten in 1990, coached 64 individual state and regional champions, 
1978 to present. 

* Selected to numerous professional publications. 

* Member, Decell Memorial Methodist Church, Wesson. 

* Married to former Diane Payne, son, Michael Mclntyre, Jr. 


Board Of Trustees 

Board officers are (1 to r) Dr. J.H. Stribling, chairman; R. Sidney Parker, vice-chairman; and L.G. Young, secretary. 

The Board of Trustees consists of (front, 1 to r) Dr. Steve Wells, Lincoln County; Dale Sullivan, Copiah County; John Dow, Lincoln County; R. 
Sidney Parker, Simpson County; Dr. Howell C. Garner, president, Copiah-Lincoln; Dr. J.H. Stribling, Lincoln County; L.G. Young. Franklin 
County; Calvin Britt, Copiah County; and John Henley, board attorney. On the second row are Mildred M. Williams, Copiah County; Frances 
Doss, Adams County; Thelma Newsome, Adams County; Mary Cleveland, Copiah County; Martha Sinclair, Lincoln County; Billy Britt. Lincoln 
County; and Eugene Bates, Jr., Jefferson County. On the third row are Johnny Rushing, Lincoln County; Larry Jones, Franklin County; Melton 
King, Adams County; Gerald Horn, Adams County; Roy Winkworth, Adams County; Dr. Ron Nettles, dean of the Natchez campus. On the back 
are Jack Burt, Copiah County; Dr. George Brumfield, Lincoln County; James E. Kyzar, Co-Lin business manager; Jack McAlpin, Simpson Coun- 
ty; John Dickey, Jefferson County; Dr. Willie Hoskin, Adams County; Dr. Paul Johnson, dean of the college; Ray Ishee, dean of student person- 
nel; and Louis Dugas, dean of vocational-technical instruction. 



Dr. Howell C. Garner heads the college administration as president. 
Dr. Garner is in his first year as president of Copiah-Lincoln Communi- 
ty College, after having been a member of the administration for 23 
years on both the Natchez and Wesson campuses. 

Dr. Paul Johnson is in his first year as dean of the college and Dr. Kay 
Rayborn is dean of instruction in her first year in this new position. 

Other top administrators are James E. Kyzar, business manager, Ray 
Ishee, dean of student personnel; Burlian Walker, director of public rela- 
tions and alumni affairs; and Ann Hawkins, executive director of the 
foundation for the first ten weeks of first semester, who left for a job in 

Dr. Howell C. Garner, president 

Dr. Paul Johnson, dean of college 

Ray Ishee, dean of student personnel 


E . 

Burlian Walker, director of public relations and alumni affairs 

Ann Hawkins, executive director of foundation 

James E. Kyzar, business manager 

Dr. Kay Rayborn, dean of instruction 



Administration includes (1 to r) Marilyn Brown, secretary to the president; Dr. Howell Garner, president; and Ann Hawkins, executive director of foundation. Back row consist 
of Ray Ishee, dean of students services; Burlian Walker, director of public relations and alumni affairs; James E. Kyzar, business manager; and Dr. Paul Johnson, dean of the col- 




Mr., Miss Copiah-Lincoln Community College 

A graduate of Natchez High School, Leon Gregory Williams 
served as 1997-98 Mr. Co-Lin. He is a sophomore chemical engi- 
neering major and is active in the Society of Manufacturing Engi- 
neers, Student Government Association, President's Council, 
Stars, and Trailblazers. He is President of the Afro-American 
Plus Club. After graduation, Leon plans to attend Tuskegee or 
Tulane University to complete his degree in chemical engineering 
and business administration. 

Nursing major Lenora Ann Lee was selected Miss Co-Lin for 
1997-98. She is President of the College Republicans and a mem- 
ber of Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Omega, Choir, Sojourners, and 
President's Council. Lenora served as a Diamond Doll and a 
Bible Study Leader for BSU, as well as a sophomore maid in the 
homecoming court. She was also chosen a Co-Lin beauty and is a 
member of the cheerleading squad. Lenora plans to attend the 
University Medical Center to become a registered nurse, with 
hopes to later become a nurse practitioner. 


Students with top honors 

Leon Williams 


^H ^^ 

'""■';• ' 

I ir 


Lenora Lee 


Trillium Pageant 

1997-98 Most Beautiful 
Jessica Patrick 


*£?.* ■ , '&•( i 

: ' 


Leah Harveston 

Lenora Lee 

v.-. ., 

Cammie Stamps 


Stacy Fitzsimmons 


Homecoming was held on the Wesson Campus on Octo- 
ber 25, 1997. Hundreds of students, faculty members and 
alumni attended, although the weather dampened some 
spirits. Pregame activities leading to the coronation of the 
queen included a dance, an alumni luncheon, and various 
other activities. This year's homecoming was very exciting 
and prestigious. 

The 1997 Copiah Lincoln Community College Homecoming Court 


HK*-_ J . 

If ^^___ 

nmm.% ■■-■ -,', s- :■.■■■:■ 

MPT /"S,'^H 2 Ej 

I^j w 

Arletha Brown. Wesson sophomore maid: 
Leon G. Williams, escort. 

Lenora Lee, Wesson sophomore maid; Peyton Creel, escort. Angie Mullins, Wesson sophomore maid: Joey Green, escort. 



Hi ^^^ 

MM Mi 

U^P«? "S^ 


a WK '■ 

1 I 

Bt?.'j*_sS SB' flu 

y3fc. t ," 

5T ^Bl AC 


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Jennifer Alexander, Wesson freshman maid: Ryan Berry, escort. Crystal Case, Wesson freshman maid; Lee Stringer, escort. Toni Cline, Wesson freshman maid; Keith Cline. escort. 

BBWB*^ -»•* 







1 •■ ,^1 


H dr ' * 

-•igjSI..' ' ^|^^H 

■^ J^BJ 

f * sL%af - -ij| 

fts^'ll it ' 






Ryan Dixon, Natchez sophomore maid; Ron Rushing, escort. Nicki Cupit, Natchez freshman maid; Matthew Parker, escort. Charlene Wilson, Natchez freshman maid: 

Not Pictured: Evangeline Morgan David Bradly "Brad" Smith, escort. 


Campus Favorites 

Jamye Heard, Haley Long, Ryan Berry, Angie Mullins 

Landon Smith. Amy Davis, Robbie Sullivan 


Previous Hall of Fame inductees 


James Ewing 
Connie Walker 
Billy Bass Thames 


Lady Nelson Gill 

John Williams 

Guay Barry Hardy 


Margaret Ewing 

James Elton Kyzar 

Catherine Steen 


Robert Wilkinson 

Carrol Mullins 

Bobby Kepper 


Reida Ann Burris 

Willis James Sisco 

Jane Ellen Crabdree 


Rebecca Barlow 

Charles Nelson 

Yvonne Calhoun 


Mary Ethel Dykes 

Johnny Ray Rice 

Katie Grace Crawford 


James Daniel Miller 

Rachall Loraine Farrar 

Albert Ray Brock 


Patricia Ann Calhoun 

Zoula Mae Hennington 

Fred Frizzell 


Donald H. Butler 

Joe Wayne Jolly 

Thomas H. Lowery 


Hilda Marie Johnson 

Percy Lee Parker 

Audrey Raye Smith 


Jeanie Meyers 

Sonya White 

La Verne Thames 


Dennis Grandberry 

Carolyn Calcote 


Gloria Jane Ainsworth 

Robert Alan Freeman 

Karen Denise Smith 


Martha Carol Hunter 

Paul Henry Ponder 

Elgin Kenneth Walley 


Rosemary Prather 

John Ted Russell 
Rhonda Wilson 

Judy Jones 
Charlene Walker 
Glenn Wallace 


Rickey Thomas 

Jane Elizabeth Sanders 
Joseph William Yates, Jr. 

Peggy Jean Arnold 
Robert Andrew Geoghegan 
Patricia Walker 


Vicky Godbold 

Mike Jones 

Daphne Landress 


William Robert Smith 

Mary Belinda Waller 

Louise Jaquelyn Weeks 


Randall Keith Bradshaw 
Wayne Calvin Oglesby 
Roger Glyn Walker 

John Timothy Boyd 
Douglas Matthew Buckles 
Amanda Lynn Davis 

Clara Lazette Adams 
Wanda Faye Cone 
Ann Ellen Heaton 

Joyce Ann Ballard 
Charles Dennis Berch 
Michael A. Henderson 

Charlotte Nell Creely 
Randy Lamar Emfinger 
Kenneth Wayne Peavey 

Sharon Patricia Douglas 
Mark Keith Lee 
Margaret Catherine Newell 

Leah Ann Holtslander 
Chet Mercier 
Patti Jean Page 

Jennifer Gatlin 
James Larry Grantham II 
Francis K. Horton III 


Russell Eugene Berry 
Ronald Haynes 
Jennifer Redd 
Claude Scott Smith 
Samuel Eric Storm 

Rachel Lynn Thames 


Melody Ann Delaney Bryant 

Elizabeth Ann Dykes 

Julie Ruth Huckaby 

Beverly Kay Jones 

Mary Kelli Smith 

Anna Lisa Ward 


Donald Brown 

Van Creely 

Tom Martin 

Michelle Smith 

Ken Vincent 

Heather Webb 


Kathy Sue Amos 

Richard Thomas Baker III 

Michael S. Farmer 

Melissa Dianne Lewis 

Gwen Ray 

Keith Reeves 

Terri Stacey Reid 


Pam Cagle 

Jason Gunnell 

Chris Nesmith 

Marty Puckett 

Rhonda Rayborn 

Rebecca Thames 


Edward O'Neal Benson 

Chantell Caughman 

Beth Hawkins 

James Paul Mclnnis 

Michael Osborne 

Lynn Whittington 


Janie Brewer 

Ren Brown 

Greg Dykes 

Jody Martin 

Ann McLean 

Dianne Smith 

Rob Troxler 


Chris Archie 

Reagan Brown 

Cindy Carr 

Tim Lott 

Jeff Posey 

Rhonda Sanders 


Ivan Burghard 

Chaucer Funchess 

Charles Jackson 

Scott Marler 

Kathy Odom 

Chan Willis 


Karla Adams 

Brad Ishee 

Lyn Johnson 
Wini Martindale 
Susanne Reynolds 
Christy Smith 
Jenny Ware 


Alise Blackwell 

Mendez Goldman 

Melanie Hamill 

Staci Pate 

Fred L. Smith 

William "Chad" Wigington 


Tim Bracey 

Carole Dykes 

Kristy Earles 

Brad C. Garner 

Angela G. Smith 

Reginald Damon Ware 


Roshanda Atterberry 

Lekeycha Barnes 

Karon Berry 

Damon Mackey 

Lori McCreary 

David Patterson III 

Laura Smith 


Doug Boyles 

Jessica Graham 

Jessica Lightsey 

Suzannah Russell 

Shelley Smith 

Pam Tullis 


Ben Adams 

Eddie Britt 

Dara Callender 

Tim Cunningham 

Dana Dykes 

Marcus Harris 


Seven selected to 1998 Hall of Fame 

Clark Beasley is a Hall of Fame selectee. 
Named to Who's Who Among Students in 
American Junior Colleges, Clark is president of 
the Baptist Student Union. A music education 
major, he is a member of the Concert Choir, 
Ambassadors, and Sojourners. Clark is a mem- 
ber of Phi Theta Kappa, the President's Coun- 
cil, Martial Arts Club, and he is secretary/ trea- 
surer of the Blue Wave Band. His parents are 
Mike and Janet Beasley of Crystal Springs. He 
is a graduate of Crystal Springs High School. 

Janna Bonds is another Hall of Fame selection. 
A member of Who's Who Among Students in 
American Junior Colleges, she is vice president 
for communications for Phi Theta Kappa, 
Sigma Kappa Delta, the Society of Manufactur- 
ing Engineers, Alpha Omega, and the Blue 
Wave Band. An electrical engineering major, 
Janna is a graduate of Franklin County High 
School and she is the daughter of Martin L. and 
Betty Bonds of Roxie. 

Duane Burt is a Hall of Fame member. Selected 
to Who's Who Among Students in American 
Junior Colleges, he is president of Phi Theta 
Kappa and the Food Service Committee. Duane 
is a member of Alpha Omega, Sigma Kappa 
Delta, the drama team of Baptist Student 
Union, the President's Council, the Trailblaz- 
ers, Co-Lin Republicans, and he is a member of 
the varsity baseball team. His parents are Debo- 
rah May and Steven Burt of Bogue Chitto. 
Duane is a graduate of Bogue Chitto High 
School and he is a pre-veterinary medicine 


Megan Suzanne Kyzar is another Hall of Fame 
member. Listed in Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Junior Colleges, Megan is 
vice president for leadership for Phi Theta 
Kappa, program coordinator of STARS, drama 
coordinator for the Baptist Student Union, 
Head Colette, vice president of the President's 
Council, and secretary /treasurer of Alpha 
Omega. She is a member of Sigma Kappa Delta 
and is listed in the National Dean's List. A 
physical therapy major, Megan is the daughter 
of Jim and Mary Kyzar of Wesson and she is a 
graduate of Wesson High School. 

James Conley "Jim" Chapman is also in the 
Hall of Fame. Chosen to Who's Who Among 
Students in American Junior Colleges, Jim is 
vice president for scholarship for Phi Theta 
Kappa, president and state treasurer and past 
historian of Phi Beta Lambda, president of the 
Co-Lin Trailblazers, and a member of the Pres- 
ident's Council and Baptist Student Union. He 
was recipient of the Henry S. and W. C. "Pop" 
Allen Memorial Scholarship. He is team cap- 
tain for the varsity soccer team and is a Missis- 
sippi High School Athletic Association soccer 
referee. A chemical engineering major, Jim is a 
graduate of Brookhaven High School and is the 
son of Ken and Susan Chapman of 

Candice Michelle Magee is a Hall of Fame 
selectee. She is a Who's Who Among Students 
in American Junior Colleges member, vice 
president of Co-Lin Republicans, president of 
the Drama Club, treasurer of the Student Gov- 
ernment Association, and Co-Head Colette. 
Candice is a member of STARS where she is 
student play director. Blue Wave Band as a 
Jazz Colette, President's Council, a Diamond 
Doll, a student athletic trainer, and named to 
the National Academic Leadership. Candice is 
a member of the varsity tennis team, recipient 
of the James and Neva B. Thames Memorial 
Scholarship, and she was homecoming queen. 
A graduate of Mendenhall High School, Can- 
dice is the daughter of Joe and Marsha Magee 
of Mendenhall and she is a pre-physical therapy 

Angie Mullins is a Hall of Fame recipient. 
Voted to Who's Who Among Students in 
American Junior Colleges, Angie is vice-presi- 
dent for membership of Phi Theta Kappa, presi- 
dent of the Student Government Association, 
president of the President's Council, and vice 
president of Alpha Omega. She is a Co-Lin 
Trailblazer and a member of the Baptist Stu- 
dent Union, Co-Lin Republicans, was a varsity 
tennis team member her freshman year, and a 
cheerleader for both years, including head 
cheerleader this year. A National Dean's List 
Scholar, Angie is recipient of the Calvin White 
Memorial Scholarship and she is a pre-medi- 
cine (biology) major. She is the daughter of Pat 
and Donnie Mullins of Monticello and she is a 
graduate of Lawrence County High School. 


Who's Who Among Students mh 

Chosen by a committee of 
administrators and faculty. 
Who's Who winners are leaders 
in extracurricular activities and 
in academics. 

Kary Baker 
Kevin Barfield 
Evelyn Barker 
Clark Beasley 
Janna Bonds 

Jennifer Bonds 
James Boyd 
Chad Brewer 
Duane Burt 
Pamela Cameron 

Carrie Channel 
Jim Chapman 
Shanna Bass Clark 
Melissa Coone 
Amy Davis 

Ginger Ellen Dunaway 

Lisa Earls 

Paul Shane Easterling 

Fred Gabriel 

Justin Garner 


American Junior Colleges 

Jennifer Givens 
Holly Hamilton 

Michael Hamilton 
Kelli Hebert 

Diana Hernngton 

Jeremy Wade Hester 

Glenda Kees 

Amy Keywood 

Stephanie Knight 

Megan Kyzar 

Melanie Layton 

Lenora Lee 

Chris Lincoln 

Jeremy Little 

Candice Magee 

Stephanie Minor 

Angie Mullins 

Stacie McCullough 

Hope Ratcliff 

Jennifer Reynolds 

Alice Michelle Roberts 

Alan Russell 

Melanie Rutland 

Fabio Santos 

Bradley Smith 

Landon Smith 

Christopher Stephens 

Robbie Sullivan 

Latasha Tillman 

Leon Williams 

Erin Williamson 



Most of Co-Lin's success is held in 
clubs. Co-Lin takes great pride in the 
activities of its students in prestigious 
organizations like Phi Theta Kappa. 
Sojourners, B.S.U. and V.I.C.A. These 
few organizations named here are just a 
small number of the diverse clubs on cam- 

Many clubs get their start early in the 
year at Co-Lin's annual "Club Fair" This 
is a project sponsored each year by Phi 
Theta Kappa Honor Society. It gives all of 
the clubs and organizations on campus the 
opportunity to display materials about 
their club, answer any questions, and give 
people the opportunity to sign up for a 
club of their interest. 

The Trillium and Wolf Tales staffs 
have put many hours of work into the 
yearbook and monthly newspaper. So, as 
you can see, clubs may be a lot of fun and 
games, but they are also a load of respon- 
sibilities and such for the officers and 
active members. Co-Lin's clubs have 
become a long tradition. As new officers 
take their leadership positions to preside 
over these long standing organizations, 
new ideas will be interwoven, allowing 
the clubs to become popular hits among 



Editors are (1 to r) 

Burlian Walker, 

advisor; Stephanie 

Johnson, Shelley 

Smith, and Ricky 


Trillium Staff includes (1 to r) Nakisa Benson, Dee Dee Hook- 
er, Lasondra Hayes, Felicia Fairman, Neisha Wallace, Lisa 
Honea, Shelley Smith, Cassie Smith, and Ricky Moak. Back 
row: Stephanie May, and Stephanie Smith. 

College Republicans 

Officers include 
(1 to r) Candice 
Magee, vice- 
president and Lenora 
Lee, President. 

College Republicans include (1 to r) Dr. Doug Schexnayder, 

sponsor; David Price, Lenora Lee, Anna Guynes, Angie 

Mullins, Candice Magee, Jessica Patrick, and Kenny Craig. 

Back row: Buddy Blailock, advisor; Jason Yarbrough, 

Christian Sones, Peyton Creel, Duane Burt, Robby Sullivan, 

Landon Smith, Jarod Amos, and Shelley Curtis, sponsor. 

Wolf Tales 

Editors include (1 to r) Susan Maxwell, 
Ricky Moak, and Neisha Wallace. 

Wolf Tales Newspaper Staff includes (1 to r) Mary Willis. Yancy Methvien, Susan Maxwell, Ann Hawkins, 
advisor; Ricky Moak, Neisha Wallace. Patti Wade became advisor in November. 


E ; ! 


Baptist Student Union Council includes (1 to x) Amy Davis, 
secretary/scrapbook editor; Megan Kyzar, drama coordinator; 
Jamie Boyd, activities coordinator; Shannon Williams, nursing 
home coordinator; and Jim Reid, program coordinator. Back 
row: Jeremy Little, music coordinator; Clark Beasley, presi- 
dent; Robby Sullivan, Bible study coordinator; and Lee 
Stringer, summer missions coordinator. 


Officers are (1 to r) 
Megan Kyzar, 
program coordinator; 
Brandi Mackey, 
student play 
director; and Candice 
Magee, student play 

Stars include (1 to r) Candice Magee, Megan Kyzar, Brandi 
Mackey, and Tracy Callender. Middle row: NaKisa Benson. 
Bethany Cooksey, Kathleen Black, Jenny Reynolds, and Toni 
Cline. Back Row: James Martin, Lee Stringer, Leon Williams, 
and Gabe Goza. 

Drama Club 

Officers include (1 to r) 
Candice Magee, president; 
Bethany Cooksey, vice 
president; and Jon Davis. 

Drama club includes (1 to r) Pam Reid, sponsor; Elsie McCoy, 
Katie Wilson, Bethany Cooksey, Stacie Reid, Candice Magee. 
and Jason Yarbrough. Back row: GiGi Banilleaux. Renard 
Sutton. Jon Davis, Robby Sullivan, Yancy Methvien. and 
Landon Smith. ^7 

Women's Resident Council 

Officers are (1 to r) 

Jerralyn Johnson, 

treasurer; Vicki 

Bridges, president; 

and Katie Wilson, 


WRC consists of (1 to r) Shirley Lawson, sponsor - Vicki 

Bridges; Susann Lofton, Amy Smith, Darcia Johnson, Lindsey 

White, Christina Hearn, Margie Panquerne, sponsor; Katie 

Wilborn, Marsha Wallace, Stephanie Hynum, LaSondra 

Hayes, Joyce Roberson, and Birdie Smith. 


Station managers 
include (1 to r) 
David Poole, opera- 
tions manager, and 
Jay Hays, general 

WCLL includes (1 to r) Miranda Pearson, Heath Edwards, 

Melissa Bueto, Shannon Williams, Bethany Cooksey, and 

Dustin Sasser. Second row: Andi Agnew, Lindy Lucus, Yancy 

Methvien, and Jamie Boyd. Third row: Ben Young, George 

Walters, Jay Hays, and Kevin St. Marie. Fourth row: Shawn 

Murphrey, Pete Thompson, and Scott Young. Fifth row: Jon 

Davis and David Poole. Not pictured: Amy Davis, Jeremy 

Little, Jason Powell, Don Scaggins. 


Officers include (1 to r) 
Fabio Santos, vice 
president; Isabella 
Toupin, president; 
Robin Hicks, program 
chairman; J.J. James, 
program co-chairman; 
Kim Burgess, secre- 
tary; and Darlene 
Morgan, reporter. 

Modern Foreign Language Club consists of (1 to r) Kim Burgess, 

J.J. James, Lesi Honea, Jyoti Gosain, and Carol Royals, advisor. 

Second row: Lyndie McClelland, Babs Hall, Darlene Morgan, 

and Isabelle Toupin. Third row: Jeffery Kemp, Shelley Smith, 

Fabio Santos, and Robin Hicks. 



Officers include (1 to r) 
Jim Chapman, presi- 
dent; Kenny Craig, 
program committee 
chairman; Lisa Earls, 
secretary; Jaymie 
Heard, reporter; and 
Chris Lincoln, vice 
president. Back row: 
John Rankin, treasurer; 
and Robby Sullivan, 

Phi Beta Lambda includes (1 to r) Melnee Frazier, sponsor; Kala 
Hutson, Lindey Applewhite, Amy Knerr, Susann Lofton, Jyoti 
Gosain, Kim Oglesby, Tasha Tyan, Glenda Kees, Angela Foster. 
Lisa Earls, Kristie Deblanc, Kelli Hebert, Nancy Boutwell, and 
Dennon Sherman. Second row: Mike Mclntyre, sponsor: Todd 
Holland, Kenny Craig, Chris Lincoln, Jessica Patrick, John 
Rankin, Stephanie Byrum, Michelle Barner, Roleta Brown, and 
Trina Lambert. Third row: Jim Chapman, Colby Calcote, Landon 
Smith, Robby Sullivan, Jaymie Heard, Virginia Whatley. and 
Teresa White. 


Officers are (1 to r) 
Rush Flowers, 
secretary; Kevin 
Barfield, chairman; 
and Kris King, 

Society of Manufacturing Engineers include (1 to r) Bryan 
Cone, Janna Bonds, Buddy Blailock, advisor; Kris King, and 
Coby Smith. Back row: Kevin Barfield. Kevin St. Marie. 
Perry Thompson, and Rush Flowers. 

Art Club 

Officers include 
(1 to r) Tom Ross, 
advisor and Jarralyn 
Johnson, president. 

Art Club members are (1 to r) Ronnie Killingsworth. Pamela 
Whitaker, Lindy Lucas, Tate Beaker. Charles Hocker. Pat 
La-Rue, and Andrew Ulmer. Back row: Tom Ross, advisor; 
Lyndia McClelland, Susan Daskin, Justin Moak. Jerralyn 
Johnson, Kierstein Berry, Nick Berry, Fabio Santos. Roy Lee 
Carter, and Clay Cheroni. 



Future Teachers of America include (front, 1 to r) Jane A. Smith, advisor; Eric 
Chism, Christopher Mark, Leigh Ann Hutchinson, Darcia Johnson, Amy 
Smith, Robin Lofton, Gail Fulton, advisor. Back row consist of Christina 
Hearn, Rhonda Conner, Jean McLendon, Robin Hicks, and Karon Butler. 


Officers include (1 to r) 
Theda Laird, secretary; 

Megan Kyzar, vice president; 

and Angie Mullins, president. 

Members include (front 1 to r) Neisha Wallace, Isabelle Toupin, Jeremy Little, 
Angie Mullins, Theda Laird, Rhonda Conner, and Regenia McCoy. Middle 
row consist of Dr. Paul Johnson, advisor; Clark Beasley, Leon Williams, 
Shawn Earles, Duane Burt, Robin Lofton, Ryan Berry, and Dr. Howell Gar- 
ner, advisor. Back row consists of Jim Chapman, Candice Magee, Shanna 
Clark, Megan Kyzar, and Erin Williams. 


Officers are (1 to r) Arin 
Rushing, treasurer; Mary 
Cason, parliamentarian; Ben- 
jie Cason, secretary; Chad 
Brewer, president; Hiedi Jor- 
dan, reporter, and Carey 
Williamson, historian. 

Vocational Industrial Clubs of America includes (front, I to r) Kay Woodrick, 
advisor, Mary Cason, Regan Delaney, Scott Gallaher, advisor; Hiedi Jordan, 
and Carey Williamson. Back row consist of Bradley Smith, Quentie McCur- 
ley, Arin Rushing, Chad Brewer, Benjie Cason, and Evins Henderson, advi- 




Back Row: Dana Box, Rhonda Conner, Deidie Allen, and Theda Laird, co- 
editor; Second Row: Michelle Willard, Diane Walker, co-editor; and Kisa 
Benson. Third Row: Edna Earle Crews, advisor; Shawn Murphrey. Shawn 
Earls, Anthony Rando, and Pam Cameron. 

Alpha Omega 

Officers for 1997 are: 
Megan Kyzar, Shawn 
Earles, and Angie Mullins 

Johnell Varnado, Pamela Cameron. Angie Mullins, Megan Kyzar, Kim 
Burgess, J. J. James, Lenora Lee, Jenny Reynolds. Stephanie Knight. Isabelle 
Toupin, Jennifer Barnes, Duane Burt, David Price. Haley Long. Jennifer 
Beall, Shannon Williams, Tracey Callender, Melody Horton, Antonya May. 
Clay Griffin. Shawn Earles. Allan Russell. Melissa Bueto. Melanie Rutland. 
Chasity Carpenter, Letha Honea, Shelley Smith. Leila Demirhan. Mr. 
Williamson, Preston Causey, Jamie Boyd, Gabe Martin, Lori Moulder. Emily 
Oliver, Lynda Lucas, Michelle Willard, Dot Brent, and Dr. Schexnayder 

A.C.D.T. (Associate Childcare 
Development Technology) 

Officers for 1997: Kristy Robert- 
son, Amber Maddox, Diane 
Walker, Catrina Davis, Monica 

Deidre Allen, Toni Reddoch, Diane Walker, Amika Tenner. Catrina Davis. 
Amber Maddox, Shaqueritta Kelly. Katesha Washington. Kasandra Counsel. 
Jywanza Jackson, Monica Davis, Marsha Wallace. Kathy Givens. Ann Gra- 
ham, Gevenetha Haynes, Hazel Martin, Kristy Robertson 


S.S.R.T. (Student Society of 
Radiographic Technology) 

Officers are: Tanya 
Purvis, Treasurer; 
Melanie Smith, Vice 
President; Cissi Dor- 
man, Secretary 

Patricia Coon, Kashonda Haynes, Jackie Lewis, Wyunta Smith, Sarah Norton, 

Kim Rollins, Demetra Taylor, Tiffany Willis, Laura Brumfield, Cissi Dorman, 

Kim Prestwood, Delphine Brent, Tanya Purvis, Ginger Anderson, Tory 

Williamson, Purtina Wheaton, Jay Fuller, Corey Welch, Heather Lambert, 

Dave Maddox, Tracie McWilliams, Holly Alford, Larinda Barnett, Melanie 

Smith, Susan Lucrren, Melanie Scott, Chris Ard 


Officers are: Wyunta 

Smith, Secretary; Sarah 

Norton, President; Jackie 

Lewis, Treasurer; Sonya 

Quinn, Vice President; 

Jan Mattingly, Reporter 

Patricia Coon, Kashonda Haynes, Jackie Lewis, Wyunta Smith, Sarah Norton, 

Kim Rollins, Demetra Taylor, Tiffany Willis, Samantha Lott, Carolyn Smith, 

Bridget Didon, Martin Mosley, Karen Rippy, Deborah Hill, Sheila Wells, 

Tomiko Williams, Linda Lilly, Jan Mattingly, Michael Sims, Laura Douglas, 

sponsor; Sonya Quinn, Carla Gayten. 

Sigma Kappa 

Officers are: (Second row, left to right) 
Stephanie Knight, reporter; Stephanie Hynum, 
vice-president; Chris Stephens, president; Erin 
Williams, historian; Ginger Dunaway, secretary; 
and Jenny Reynolds, treasurer. (First row) Advi- 
sors Nancy A. Dykes and Dr. Durr Walker 


(First row, left to right) Hope Ratclifl, Stephanie Hynum, Ginger Dunaway, Stephanie Knight. Jenny Reynolds, Jean McLendon, Lyndie McClel- 
land, Rhonda Conner, Jeanelte Williams, and Theda Laird. (Second row) Nancy Dykes, Durr Walker, Jennifer Bush, Chris Stephens. Elizabeth 
Smith, Erin Williamson, Melanie Rutland, Duane Burt, Jennifer Bonds, Megan Kyzar, Robin Lofton. Jerralyn Johnson, Shanna Sandifer. Lindsey 
Applewhite, and Karon Butler. (Third row) Colby Calcote. Catherine Sutton, Daniel Hux. Andrew Ulmer. Alan Russell, Amy Keywood, and 
Janna Bonds. 

Martial Arts 

Preston Causey, Jamie Mclnnis, Jimmy Britt, John Ramshur. David Higgs. 
Shawn Earles, Detra Ward, Dana Box, Marcus Floyd, Clay Cheroni, Mychal 
Runnels, Eddie Lee, Duan Walker, Andy Roberts, Roy Carter 

Afro- American 

Officers are: Kisa 
Benson, Brandi 
Mackey, Leon 
Williams, President; 
Mark Mitchell, Vice 
President; Dee Dee 

Leon Williams, Mark Mitchell, Eric Chison, Kenya Washington, Kisa Ben- 
son, Melody Horton. Dee Dee Hooker. Kathy Smith, Greta Peyton. Falicia 
Fareman. Yolanda Smith, Debra Barnes. Veneka Watson. Stephanie Minor. 
Christopher Mark, Kathleen Black, Lasondra Hayes, Brandi Mackey. Medeela 

»tephanie Knight. Tory Williamson. Kristie Russell, Lenora Lee, Jessica Patrick, Anna Guynes, Dana Box, Jenny Reynolds, Brian Mulevu. J. J. James, 
-lope Ratcliff. Landon Smith, Jim Chapman, Janna Bonds, Jennifer Bonds, Duane Burt, Candice Magee, Angie Mullins, Megan Kyzar, Shannon Williams, 
vlelanie Rutland, Amy Davis, Stephanie Minor, Michelle Roberts, Shanna Clark. Glenda Kees, Chris Lincoln, Bryan Robb, Diane Walker, Larinda Branett. 
-indsey Applewhite, Robin Hicks. Shanna Sandifer, Clark Beasley, Carrie Channell, Daniel Hux, Catherine Sutton, James Boyd, Mary Cason, Stacie 
VlcCullough. Sherry Furlow, Janet Burns, Cloby Calcote, Alan Russell, Jean McLendon, Jerralyn Johnson. Randy Green. Ginger Dunaway, Melissa Coone, 
Mison Lyke 

Officers are: Megan Kyzar. Candice 
Magee, Janna Bonds. Angie Mullins. 
Jennifer Bonds. Duane Burt. Jim Chap- 



Officers include (1 to r) 
Wyunta Smith, vice presi- 
dent; Susie Agerton, histori- 
an; Linda Lilly, president; 
Carla Gayten, reporter; Lisa 
Taylor, secretary; Sarah Nor- 
ton, treasurer; and Kim 
Rollins, parliamentarian. 

Health Occupations Student Association includes (front, 1 to r) Paula Dillon, 
sponsor; Wyunta Smith, Patricia Coon, Kim Rollins, Sarah Norton, Deborah 
Hill, Rhonda Westmoreland, and Tomiko Williams. Back row consist of 
Amanda Speights, Linda Lilly, Lisa Taylor, Carla Gayten, Karen Rippy, Car- 
olyn Smith, and Susan Agerton. 


Officers include (1 to r) Shan- 
na Clark, president; Angela 
Alexander, vice president; 
and Mary Beth Allen, secre- 

Society for Medical Laboratory Technology includes (front, 1 to r) Felicia 

Watson, Janice Sanders, Jennifer Hall, Amy Boyles, Shanna Clark, Jennifer 

Cutrer, and Tammy Strother. Back row consist of Mary Shivers, advisor; 

Jamie Foerste, Holly Hamilton, Angela Alexander, Evelyn Baker, Mary Beth 

Allen, Michelle Herring, Cindy Higgs, advisor; and Casey Owens. 


SSRT-2 includes (1 to r) Michael Hamilton. Allen Peets, Lori Myers, Shannan 
Case, Jennifer Foster, Arlena Kelly, Dee Anne Whitehead, Diana Herrington, 

Julie Hoggatt. 

4 1 


Officers include (front, 1 to r) 
Rhonda Conner, president; 
Catherine Sutton, vice-presi- 
dent; and Jean McLendon, 
Program Coordinator. Back 
row includes Martha Light- 
sey, sponsor; and Johnelle 
Varnedo, Secretary/treasurer. 

Student Adults Gaining Education includes (seated, 1 to r) Jean McLendon. 
Dana Box, Johnelle Varnado, and Robin Hicks. Standing are Hazel Martin. 
Diane Walker, Martha Lightsey, sponsor; Branda Westbrook, sponsor; 
Catherine Sutton, Karen Smith, and Darlene Morgan. 


Scholars Bowl places second in state 

Scholars Bowl team consists of (1 to r) Jarod 
Amos, Steven Blackwell, Jim Chapman, and 
Brian Miller. 


lim Chapman 


The S.G.A. consist of (1 to r) Jaymie Heard. 

Robby Sullivan, Lindsey Lucas. Candice 

Magee. Ryan Berry, Angie Mullins, Landon 

Smith. Jennifer Alexander. Skip Sasser, 

Crystal Case. Mandy Winslow, Erin 

Williamson. Haley Long, and Leon 


rhe Sophomore officers: (1 to r) Lindsey Lucas, secretary; Mandy Winslow, treasurer; Erin 
Williamson, president; and Hope Ratcliff, representative. Second row: Robby Sullivan, vice- 
president; and Leon Williams, representative. 

The Freshman officers are: front row (1 to r) Skip Sasser, representative; Haley Long, treasur- 
er, Jennifer Alexander, vice-president; Crystal Case, secretary. Second row: Ryan Berry, 
president; and Jaymie Heard, representative. 

The S.G.A. officers are (1 to r) Landon 
Smith, vice-president; Candice Magee, trea- 
urer; and Angie Mullins, president. Not pic- 
tured is Fabio Santos, secretary. 



Members include (front, 1 to r) Jeremy Little, Amy Davis, and Justin Howard. Back row consist of Ginny Davis, Denise Warren, Kary Baker, Scott Craft, 
Andi Agnew, Bobby Jones, Lenora Lee, and Sam Taylor. 


Members include (front, I to i ) Nicole Ready, Michelle Roberts. Candi Stokes. Hope Ratdiff, Tracey Smith, Leetoria Walker, and Kim Davis. Back row 
consist of Kris Case, Scott Barnard, Clark Beasley, and Terry Whittington. 


a !* 

^ky* * 





Members include (first, 1 to r) Ginny Davis, Shannon Dewey, Shannon Williams, Courtney George, Jeremy Little, Justin Howard, Sam Taylor, Beau McManus, Stephanie Minor. 
Joyce Roberson. and Tracey Smith. Second row includes JoAnna Cutler, Toni Cline. Jenny Norwood. Allison Byrd, Benji Godbold, Jamie Heard. Bobby Jones, Clark Beasley, Caena 
Johnson, Marian Pittman. Lenora Lee, and Taneshia Young. Third row includes Anita Showers, Kary Baker, Denise Warren, Lyndie McClelland, Jamie Boyd. Chris Harris. Shannon 
Webb, Jon Davis, Stephanie Lofton, Melanie Rutland, and Marleana Pittman. Fourth row includes Amanda Mitchell, Amy Davis, Letha Honey, Leigh Ann Hutchinson, Birdie Smith. 
Marc Haik, Maurice Rutland. Brian Miles, Scott Craft, Andi Agnew, Amy Blair, Elsie McCoy, and Daisy Moore. 

Officers include (1 to r) Amy Davis, 
soprano section leader; Jeremy Lit- 
tle, co-president and tenor section 
leader; Clark Beasley. co-president 
and bass section leader: and Amy 
Blair, alto section leader. 



The Trailblazers are the student recruiting group for Copiah-Lincoln Community Col- 
lege. For many years the faculty, administrators, students, and community have held 
this organization in the highest respect and dignity. This year's Trailblazers are no 
exception. There is nothing in the world which can compare to the example these stu- 
dents set for the entire student body. 

Officers include: front row (1 to r) Hope Ratcliff, Co-Vice President. Sec- 
ond row: Natheon Ervin, Social Director: Jim Chapman, President; and 
Megan Kyzar, Co-Vice President. 

The Trailblazers for the 1997-1998 year include: front row (I to r) Hope Ratcliff. Second row: Alan Russell, Stephanie Delaughter, Amy Smith, Stephanie Minor, Kathleen Black. J J. James, 
Jenny Reynolds, Stacie Reid, Megan Kyzar, Kary Baker, Jennifer Bonds, and Toni Cline. Third row: Leon Williams. Bethany Cooksey, and Melissa King. Fourth row: Hiedi Jordan. Lesley 
Purser, Jim Chapman, Gabe Goza, Natheon Ervin, Jamie Stewart, Janna Bonds, Ryan Berry, Angie Mullins. and Duane Burt. 



Band directors are (1 to r) Steve Barnett, band director. Martha Barnett. dance coordina- 
tor, Chris Warren, percussion director, and Stanley Stewart, assistant band director. 

Drum major - Miranda Pearson 

Band managers include (1 to r) Tonya Dixon, Heath Edwards. Scott Young. Ben Young, 
and Jay Hays. ^ i 

Captains are (front, 1 to r) Chris Smith, drum captain 
and Miranda Pearson, drum major. Andi Agnew, color 
guard captain; Diane Bailey, co-head Colette; Megan 
Kyzar, head Colette; Candice Magee; co-head Colette; 
and Birdie Smith, co-captain color guard. 

Band officers include (1 to r) Clark Beasley, 
secretary/treasurer; Jeremy Little, president; Scott 
Barnard, sophomore representative; Scott Craft, vice- 
president; and Boone Daughdrill, freshman representa 

Trombones and Baritones include (front, 1 to r) Phillip 
Thornton, Andrick Hampton, Jeremy Little, Amos 
McGee, and Aaron Sutton. Back row consist of Wally 
Kellett, Terry Whittington, Scott Barnard, Brian Miller, 
Kimberly Davis, and Latanya Lee. 

Percussion include (1 to r) Will 
Nowman, Luke Pickard, Jason 
Powell, Scott Craft, Jon Davis, 
Chris Lincoln, Jeff Kellum, 
Justin Smith, Steven May, David 
Craft, Chris Smith, Boone 
Daughdrill, Jennifer Kilpatrick, 
and Jamie Boyd. 


Horns and Saxophones include (front, 1 to r) Marleana 
Pittman, and Michael White. Back row consist of Jef- 
frey Hearn, Joseph Hayes, and Anthony Rando. 

Flutes and Clarinets include (front, 1 to r) Traci Arnold. 
Antonya May, Katrina Smith, Amy Davis, and Katie 
Wilson. Back row consist of Jennifer Bonds, Olivia 
Edwards, Leigh Ann Hutchinson, Enily Oliver, and 
Letha Honea. 

Tubas include (front, 1 to r) George Walters. Second 
Row consists of Jarrett Fortenberry and Eric Naquin. 
Third row includes Melvin Pittman. 

Trumpets includes (front 1 to r) Justin Howard. Ginger 
Dunaway, Melanie Layton, David Price, Melanie Rut- 
land, Lance Golman, Jaymie Heard, and Steven Black- 
well. Back row consist of Beau McManus, Clark 
Beasley, David Poole, Marc Haik, Janna Bonds. Patrick 
Carr, Marsha Wallace, and Chris Bush. 


Colettes include (front, 1 to r) 
Diane Bailey, Megan Kyzar, and 
Candice Magee. Second row 
consists of Haley Long, Kristy 
Smith, Amy Smith, Sandy 
Coburn, and Stephanie Knight. 
Third row consist of Neisha Wal- 
lace, Susann Lofton, Lori 
Moudler, Mandy Walker, Carrie 
Butler, and Amy Knerr. 

Color Guard includes (front, 1 to 
r) Amy Blair, Natalie Smith, 
Andi Agnew, Angela Sharbough, 
and Kristy Roberson. Back row 
consist of Carla Cashio, Amy 
King, Lindy Lucas, Birdie Smith, 
Amanda Polk, and Julie Van. 




SNA-l includes (1 to r) first row: Carmen 
Melvin, Jennifer Beach. Virginia Warren, 
Jacqueline McLendon, Ashley Brewer, 
Adrianne Kelley, Karen Simon, Staci Den- 
nis, Stephanie Pillers, Johnell Varnado, 
Stacy Connart, Rusty Allen, Walterine Nel- 
son, Pamela Peyton, Vickie Love. Second 
row: Amanda Reeves, Deanna Martin, 
Jacqueline Pendleton, LaRanda Huffman, 
Cathy Nations, Lisa Lunski, Deanna Ezell, 
Jennifer Brister, Shonda Lyons, Treva Case, 
Judine Redd, Charlotte Butler. Third row: 
Kimberly Hutchinson, Jodi Flowers, 
Clancey Lambert, LaKeisha Sanders, Jen- 
nifer Marek, Gabe Counts, Clint Trest, 
Robert Magee, Patrick Sessions. Suzanne 
Starkey, Tammy Howell, Martha 
Williamson, Rebecca Baldwin, Krisha 




SNA - 2 includes (1 to r) First row: Heather 
Magee. Hope Magee. Kristal Kelly, Karen 
Stephens, Pam Oliver. Tiffany Walker, Mar- 
garet Webb, Demetta Chestang, Carla 
Myers, Dana Britt. Tiffany Bowen, Debra 
Price, Lora Carter. Second row: Marilyn 
Miller, Cheri Shannon, Lisa Calcote, Mali 
Powell, Gayle King, Carolyn Butler, Connie 
Nations, Laura King, Renae Hitchman, 
Christina Sanders. Rose Boseman, Rose 
Fortenberry. 3rd row: Jason Hedgepath, 
Keeli Granger, Sue Boone, Jeannie Smith, 
Belinda Thomhill. Kristie Fauver, Dana 
Langston, Angie Hill, Joe Hay, Michael 



Co-Lin not only provides many clubs in which to 
be involved, but also a diverse athletic program. For 
many years students from all over have come to Co- 
Lin to participate in our athletic program. Whether it 
is football, basketball, softball, or baseball, the play- 
ers display team spirit and uphold the school name as 
they strive to achieve. Other sports at Co-Lin include 
golf, soccer, tennis, and track. Along for moral sup- 
port are the cheerleaders. Blue Wave Band, and loyal 



■ I m 


Wolves finish 5-5 

Kenyon Anderson, 

Brookhaven, DB 
Corey Arnold. Meadville. OL 
Nick Bailey, Natchez, DB 
Tyrone Bailey, Baltimore, MD. 

Brian Barlow, Mendenhall. P 
Torrey Barnes, Monticello. DL 
Brian Blanford, Mendenhall, 


Kelby Bowman, Brookhaven. 

James Bridges, Monticello, LB 
Bill Bullock, Monticello, OL 
Sammy Byther, Wesson, LB 
Jeremy Clark, Magee. DB 
Ashley Cooper, Fort Walton 

Beach, FL. DB 
Kenmantel Davis, Hazlehurst. 


Kenneth Davis. Houston. TX, 

Todd Davis, Meadville. TE 
Reginald Durden, Houston, 

Randolph Falvey, Loyd Star, 


Keyon Ford, Monticello, DE 
Maurice Frank, Natchez, OL 
Johnny Franklin. Meadville, 

Joey Givens, Natchez, DB 
Brian Griffin, Mendenhall, WR 
Brian Holloway, Hazlehurst, 

Rodney Holloway, Hazlehurst. 

Joey Hydrick, Crystal Springs. 

Glenn Jones, Hazlehurst, LB 
Eddie Key, Sanford, FL. OL 

Terrence King, Magee. DT 
James Mangum, Magee, RB 
Tyrone May. Monticello. LB 
Randy Morrow, Mendenhall. 

Fred Patrick, Magee. RB 
Gerald Payne. Magee, WR 
Brian Pierre, Baton Rouge. LA. 


Cleveland Pinkney, Sumter. 

S.C.. DL 
Noah Rankin, Natchez. DE 
Derek Ready. Loyd Star. OL 
Cedric Rhodes. Monticello. OL 
Damien Rosetti, Biloxi. K 
Athony Sessions, Warner 

Robins. GA. LB 
Alonzo Shuler. St. Matthews. 

S.C., DE 

Carlos Smith. Brookhaven. 

Calvin Taylor. Monticello. WR 
Bershard Tillman. Mendenhall. 

Lawrence Thomas. Meadville. 

Wes Tumage. Hazlehurst. OL 
Aundrial Turner. Magee. OL 
Torre Warren, Tampa. FL. Q 

Ken Washington. Natchez. RB 
Eddie Weathersby. 

Mendenhall. RB 
Sedric Weathersby. 

Mendenhall. DT 
Chris Williams. Natchez. OL 



it ' 


y n,]gg -i* 

m "7*,. ^fgjf^ «£ "" 

**> ' . si" -V 

-Pf^ .SO 


IffSL^ '«» ^ «-» .«-«%'* '^&'~ -^i^" 

'^" * -UB ^ -^S ^ ^fej-'i =, CO-MI -„ jj?^ li ""* 

M^mf "' *•» • .-> U- ; so m • 


Charles Sutton 
Assistant Coach 

Ricky Clopton 
Assistant Coach 

Calvin Green 
Assistant Coach 

David Cross 
Assistant Coach 

Phillip Broome 
Head Coach 

Assisting with the Wolves are (left to right) Candice Magec, student trainer; Patrick Magee, manager; Joseph Dykes, 
manager; Chris Berch, trainer; Shelley McCullough. trainer. 



The 1997-98 Wolves are (seated, 1 to r) Marty Albright, manager; Ronald Guice, Jacient Winnfield, Ben Adams, Calvert Sims, Broderick McCoy, Blake Case, Jimmy Walton, and 
Preston White, manager. Standing are Jeff Moss, trainer; Dennis Sims, head coach; Don Spraggins, manager; David Walker, Eisert Arpad, Darius Arnold, Carlos Smith, Terrance 
Alexander. Bobby Dixon, Donald Fleming, student assistant; and Billy McGuire, assistant coach. 

Donald Fleming, student assistant 

Don Spraggins, manager 

< a 

Preston White, manager 


Fourteen compose 1997- 
1998 squad 

Ben Adams, Houma, Louisiana 
Terrance Alexander, Mendenhall 
Darius Arnold, Brookhaven 

Eisert Arpad, Eger, Hungary 
Blake Case, West Lincoln 
Bobby Dixon, Hazlehurst 

Ronald Guice, Fayette 
Broderick McCoy, Roxie 
Calvert Sims, Magee 

Carlos Smith, Brookhaven 

David Walker, Temple Hills, Maryland 

Jimmy Walton, Natchez 

Jacient Winnfield, Roxie 

Willie Hackett, Crystal Springs, not pictured 




Lady Wolves 

The Lady Wolves of 1997-98 are (seated, 1 to r) Stephanie Delaughter, manager; Tamela Clark, Chassity Cubie, Torie Hinson, Kanyma O'Quinn, Felicia Ferguson, Krisztina Hol- 
losy, Gwen Redd, Demetric Smith, and Daisy Moore, manager. Standing are Jeff Moss, trainer; Gwyn Young, head coach; Kizzy Greene, Shirlena Allen, Clarissa Tomlinson, Kat- 
rina Dotson, Tiffany Noble, Antrinette Williams, Erin Williamson, and Marty Albright, filmer. 

Marty Albright, filmer 

Stephanie Delaughter, manager 

Daisy Moore, manager 


Eleven join 1997-98 

Shirlena Allen, Brookhaven 

Tamela Clark, Fayette 

Chassity Cubie, Vidalia, Louisiana 

Katrina Dotson, Natchez 
Felicia Ferguson, Bogue Chitto 
Kizzy Greene, Opelousas, Louisiana 

Torie Hinson, Natchez 

Krisztina Hollosy, Szombathely, Hungary 

Tiffany Noble, Loyd Star 

Kanyma O'Quinn, Union Church 
Gwen Redd, Brookhaven 
Demetric Smith, Enterprise 

Clarissa Tomlinson, Melborne, Australia 
Antrinette Williams, Fayette 
Erin Williamson, Wesson 



Men's Varsity Tennis 

Team members include (1 to r, bottom to top) Coach Mike Mclntyre, John 
Allen, Sam Taylor, Eisert Aipad. Eathan Allen, and Lance MacAlester. 

Ethan Allen 

Eisert Arpad 

John Allen 

Lance MacAlester 

Brian Mulevu 

Sam Taylor 


Women's Varsity 

Team members include (I to r, top to bottom) Candice Magee, Stacey 
Fitzsimmons, Kary Baker, Julie Van, Mandy Winslow, Denise Warren. 
Coach Brenda Smith, Emily Assink, and Joy Cloud. 

Emily Assink 

Kary Baker 

Joy Cloud 

Stacey Fitzsimmons 

Candice Magee 

Julie Van 

Denise Warren 

Mandy Winslow 

_ 3 


Team members include (front, 1 to r) Daunte Wilder, Alex Shoemake, Brent Quinn, David Parsons, Derek Peets, Lance Beesley, David Booth. Duane Burt, and Blair Dehart. Second row 
includes Jonathan Dilmore, Joey Paul, Brian Barlow, Justin Garner, Scott Murray, Scott Booth, Donny Davis, and Brian Rabb. Third row includes Chris Berch, Joseph Paul, Casey 
Edwards, Joey Hydrick, Greg Lockhart, Brandon Delanger, Brent Walker, Brandon Thompson, Paul Smith. Fourth row Keith Case, head coach; Colby Calcote. Jack Evans, Russ Hazlip, 
Neill Rainey. Lee Molaison, Chad Caillet, and Rusty Miller, assistant coaches. 

Diamond Dolls 

Diamond Dolls include (I to r) Lenora Lee, Krystal Kelly Donna Allen, Cammie Stamps, Christia Turner, Tera Smith. Kary Baker. Lee Higginbothem, Beth Cooksey. Courtney George, 
Tracy Callendar. Suzanne Lofton, Jemmy Reynolds. Amy Smith, J.J. James, Stacey Fitzsimmons, Kim Burgess, Jessica Patrick and Toni Cline. 


Brian Barlow 

Lance Beesley 

Brandon Belanger 

Chris Bcrch 

David Booth 

Scott Booth 

Duane Burt 

<Z:M " A 

Mm ^m* 


ywmm sj^w 


Brent Walker 

Colby Calcote 
Donny Davis 
Blair Dehart 
Jonathan Dilmore 
Casey Edwards 
Jack Evans 
Justin Garner 

Joey Hydrick 
Greg Lockhart 
Lee Molaison 
Scott Murry 
David Parsons 
Joey Paul 
Joseph Paul 

Derek Peets 
Brent Quinn 
Ryan Rabb 
Neill Raney 
Alex Shoemake 
Paul Smith 
Brandon Thompson 

Coaches include (1 to r) Rusty Miller, assistant coach; Keith Case, head coach; and Chad Caillet, assistant coach. 



Team includes (front, 1 to r) Paige Dickey, Donna Allen, Summer Lewis, Jenny Reynolds, and Cammie Stamps. Second row includes Crystal Case, Candice Baisher. Felisha Ferguson, 
Demetrica Smith, Misty Freeman, and Jessica Young. Third row includes Gwen Redd, Amanda Lack, Mandi Butler, Mandy Douglas, and Sara Reeves. Fourth row includes Johnny 
Williams and David Smith, coaches. 

David Smith, head coach 

Johnny Williams, assistant coach 


Donna Allen 
Candice Brisher 
Mandi Butler 
Crystal Case 

Paige Dicky 
Mandi Douglas 
Misty Freeman 
Amanda Lack 



Team includes (front, 1 to r) Neil Johnson, Shane Easterling, and Natheon 
Ervin. Back row includes Tony Ellis and Dusty Hutto. 

| Shane Easterling 
gj Tony Ellis 

Natheon Ervin 

Dusty Hutto 
Neil Johnson 

In Memory of 

Michael Shawn Wilson 

Dexter Yurner 




All Region 23 

Reginald Durden 
Kenmantel Davis 
Ashley Cooper 

All State 

Ashley Cooper 
Kenmantel Davis 
Reginald Durden 

All State 

Second Team 

Johnny Franklin 
Brian Barlow 
Joey Hydrick 
Carlos Smith 
Alonzo Shuler 

All State 

Honorable Mention 

Jeremy Clark 
James Mangum 
Torre Warren 
Kenneth Davis 
Kelby Bowman 
Cleveland Pinkney 
Torrey Barnes 
Anthony Sessions 
Lawrence Thomas 

All Stars 

Johnny Franklin 
Brian Barlow 
Joey Hydrick 
Jeremy Clark 
Permanent Co-captains 
Johnny Franklin 
Ashley Cooper 

Most Valuable Player - 

Reginald Durden 

Most Valuable Player - 

Kenmantel Davis 

Lady Wolves - South 
Mississippi champions 
runner-up to state title 
Region XXIII 


Soccer becomes a 
collegiate sport 


Leading cheers for the Wolves and Lady Wolves are (I to r) Stacey Fitzsimmons and Ryan Berry; Staeie Reid and Billy Lowe; Lenora Lee and Joey Green; Angie Mullins and Peyton Creel, 
mascot; Jennifer Alexander and Landon Smith; Terah Smith and Fabio Santos; and Lee Higginbotham and Bobby Jones. 



Working under the dean of the college 
are (1 to r) Brenda Parrett, secretary to 
the dean of the college; Dr. Kay Ray- 
born, dean of academic instruction; 
and Louis Dugas, dean of vocational 
technical. Second row consist of Lille 
Shannon, faculty secretary; Shelia 
Stewart, secretary to admissions and 
records; Maurice Cammack, technolo- 
gy specialist; and Dr. Paul Johnson, 
dean of the college. Third consists of 
Ralph Frazier, director of admissions 
and records; Kendall Chapman, direc- 
tor of learning resources; Dr. R.D. 
"Pete" Peterson, director of institu- 
tional research; and Dr. Billy Stewart, 
dean of community services. 

Composing the Business are (1 to r) 
Mike Tanner, accountant; JoAnn 
Richardson, credit union manager; 
Anne Stephens, accounts payable clerk; 
Neal Ravenhorst, payroll clerk; Zandra 
Ray, data processing assistant; and 
James E. Kyzar, business manager. 

The foundation, alumni affairs, and 
public relations staff are (1 to r) Lois 
Hawkins, secretary; Ann Hawkins, 
foundation director; Burlian Walker. 
director of public relations and alumni 
affairs; and Maudell A. Weeks, associ- 
ate alumni director. Not pictured is 
Steve Huey, interim foundation direc- 
tor and Gayle Ross, graphic artist. 


Faculty and Staff 

Personnel in student services include 

(1 to r) Pat Young, counselor; Judy 

Case, financial aid director; Shirley 

Lawson, dormitory hostess; Margie 

Panquerne, dormitory hostess; Donna 

Cunningham, secretary; and Laura 

Butler, dormitory hostess. Second row 

consist of Beverly Barnes, counselor; 

Cecile Chapman, resident nurse; and 

Beverly Dubois, assistant financial 

director. Third row consist of David 

Smith, director of student life; Russell 

Ray, director of student development 

and recruitment; and Ray Ishee, dean 

of students. 

Working under the dean of academic 
instruction are (1 to r) Dr. Kay Ray- 
born, dean of academic instruction; 
Mrs. Barbara Webb, director of 
Upward Bound program; Tosha Dou- 
glas, secretary. Second row consist of 
Brenda Smith, chairperson of health 
and physical education; Stanley Stew- 
art, chairperson of fine arts; Dr. Susan 
Hart, director of associate degree nurs- 
ing. Third row consist of Dr. Phyllis 
Lanier, chairperson of science, and 
Danny Harrell, chairperson of social 
science. Not pictured are Dr. Dun- 
Walker, chairperson of humanities; 
and Mike Mclntyre, chairperson of 

Teaching in the social science division 
are (1 to r) Jim Lightsey, psychology 
and sociology; Jane Smith, psycholo- 
gy; Danny Harrell, chairperson and 
government; and Chris Warren, 


Teaching in the humanities division 
are (1 to r) Burlian Walker, communi- 
cations; Ashley Bonds, English; Reba 
Gill, English; Pam Reid, speech and 
English; Everett Carraway, study 
skills; and Martha Lightsey, reading. 
Standing are Sharon Alexander, Eng- 
lish; Evelyn Sutton, English; Paula 
Hart, lab manager; Carol Royals, lead- 
ership and speech; Edna Earle Crews, 
English and creative writing; Dr. Dun- 
Walker, chairperson and English Lit- 
erature; Nancy Dykes, English; Ann 
Hawkins, journalism; and Carol Roy- 
als, foreign language and speech. Not 
pictured is Patti Wade, journalism. 

Teaching in the math division are 
(1 to r) Keith Case, mathematics; 
Gwyn Young, mathematics; Johnny 
Williams, computer science and 
mathematics; and Dr. Jerry Dykes, 
algebra. Standing are Dr. Roy 
Daughdrill, chairperson, calculus, 
and algebra; Gail Fulton, mathematics; 
Jackie Lewis, computer science and 
mathematics, and Alicia Reynolds, 

Teaching in the science division are 
(1 to r) Dr. Huazhong Zhang, physics; 
Dr. Phyllis Lanier, chairperson and 
chemistry; Shelley Curtis, biology and 
microbiology; and Lucille Keys, lab 
assistant. Standing are Ron 
Williamson, anatomy and physiology; 
Dr. Russell Christie, anatomy and 
physiology, Anitta Cliburn. biology 
labs; Dr. Donald Lawson, biology, 
chemistry, and botany; Dr. Doug 
Schexnayder, zoology and biology; 
and Roy Shield, nutrition. 


Faculty and Staff 

Assisting in the Library and Learning 
Center are (1 to r) Joyce Shorter, Cora 
King, Avis Smith, Ann Smith, Shirley 
Ricketts, Kendall Chapman, director: 
Peggy Peets, Pat Walker, and Kath- 
leen Hutchinson, assistant librarian. 

Instructors in the physical education 

department include (1 to r) Brenda 

Smith and David Cross. Back row: 

Rickey Clopton, Dennis Sims, and 

Mike Mclntyre. 

Campus police include (1 to r) David 

Freeman and Ken Carlisle. Back row: 

Alonzo Harris, Chief Wayne Roberts, 

and Al Keen. 

Teaching in the Associate Nursing 
Degree Division are (1 to r) Susan 
Layton; Susan Hart, ADN director, 
and Mary Kyzar, ADN secretary. 
Back row consists of Kim Gordon: 
Vikki Durkee; Janel Turnage, skills 
lab coordinator; Libby Carlson; Pat 
Welch; Kim Harthcock; Cynthia 
Rollins-Smith; Susan Ray; and Janine 

The community service division con- 
sists of (front, 1 to r) Penny Minton, 
manager, Career Center; and Carol 
Robinson, basic skills specialist. Mid- 
dle row: Jo Ann Richardson, institute 
in retirement director; Brenda Brown, 
Senior AIDES director; Rhonda Ishee, 
work force specialist; and Georgia 
Sims, secretary, Career Center. Back 
row: Don Hart, industrial training pro- 
gram; Jim Hart, industrial coordinator, 
Jeff Posey, director or adult education; 
Randy Castilaw, personal develop- 
ment specialist; and Dr. Billy W. 
Stewart, dean of community services. 

The Fine Arts division is composed of 
(front, 1 to r) Janet Smith, art; Martha 
Barnett, dance coordinator, and Joan 
Harris, piano. Back row: Steve Bar- 
nett, band director, instrumental music 
and theory; Stanley Stewart, division 
chairperson, assistant band director, 
and instrumental music; Brad Johnson, 
voice, music theory, and composition: 
and Tom Ross, art. 


Faculty and Staff 

Services personnel include Melissa 
Kyzar, child caregiver; Gail Baldwin, 
child care technology; Faye Hill, cos- 
metology; and Amy Lewis, child care 
technology. Standing are Frances 
Mullins, child caregiver aide; Carol 
Longino, cosmetology; and Kay 
Woodrick, food production and man- 
agement technology. 

Medical programs personnel include 
Paula Dillon, practical nursing; Mary 
Shivers, medical laboratory technolo- 
gy; and Laura Wiliams, radiograph 
technology. Standing are Cindy Higgs, 
medical laboratory technology; Billie 
Faye Sartin, radiograph technology; 
Laura Douglas, practical nursing; and 
Verna McFadden, radiograph 

Business and computer technology 
consists of Melnee Frazier and Mar- 
garet Britt, business technology. 
Standing are Don Smith, computer 
technology; Ronda Posey, business 
technology; and Mary Pearson, com- 
puter technology. 


Technical instructors include (1 to n 
Bob Savino, air conditioning/heating; 
Scott Gallaher, drafting and design; 
Gregg Russell, electronic technology; 
Buddy Blailock, industrial mainte- 
nance technology; and Tim Ham- 
mond, electronic technology. Standing 
are Evins Henderson, automotive tech- 
nology; Bobby Leonard, heavy equip- 
ment mechanics; Ray Taylor, automo- 
tive mechanics; James Harris, machine 
shop; Lynn Boykin, electronics tech- 
nology; and Glenn McGee, air condi- 

Vo-Tech administration include (1 to r) 
Shirley Knapp, Tech Prep coordinator; 
Shelia Douglas, secretary; Billie Jean 
Cook, secretary; Debra Chrestman, 
secretary; and Lea Ann Knight, career 
equity counselor. Second row consists 
of Elton Lewis, counselor; Hershell 
O'Bannon, special populations coun- 
selor; Brenda Westbrook, single par- 
ent/homemaker director/counselor; 
Ellen Martin, work-related coordina- 
tor; David McCullough, assistant vo- 
tech dean; and Louis Dugas, dean of 
vocational-technical instruction. 

Vocational instructors include (1 to r) 
Bobby Parker, commercial truck dri- 
ving; Jack Amacker, commercial truck 
driving; Bob Savino, air conditioning 
and heating; Bruce Irvin. welding; and 
Glenn McGee, air conditioning and 
heating. Standing are Evins Hender- 
son, automotive mechanics; Bobby 
Leonard, heavy equipment mechanics: 
Ray Taylor, automotive mechanics; 
James Harris, machine shop; and Jim 
Rabalais, equipment operation. 


Faculty and Staff 

Computer services include Sheryl 

Montgomery, assistant; and Dan 

Dykes, director. 

Staff includes Marilyn Brown, secretary to the president; and the Rev. 
Bruce Brady, Baptist Student Union director. 

Applied Studies are taught by (1 to r) Wanda Smith and Lisa Bodin. 


Teaching in the business division are (1 to rj 
Mike Mclntyre, chairperson and economics; 
Charles Hart, accounting; Alita Myers, introduc- 
tion to business and computer science; and 
Danny Harrell, legal environment of business. 

Steve Huey 
Interim Director of Foundation 

The cafeteria personnel includes: front row (1 to 
r) Robert Collins, Catherine Tillman, Rosie 
Coleman, and Kathie O'Quinn. Second row: 
Stephanie Reynaud, Sonja Laiche, Daphne 
Montgomery, Virginia McGee and Anthony 
Jenkins. Third Row: Cecelia Barlow, Saretha 
Smith, Jeffrey Hoffman, Pauline Byther, Jolean- 
er Gilmore, Lee Wilcher, Tammy Beall. and 
Susie Beall. Not pictured are Karen Kornegay. 
Manager, and Ida Butler, assistant manager. 

Heading the Wolf Hollow Golf Club are (1 to r) 
Jerome Buie and Chad Coon, golf course main- 
tenance; Ronnie Ross, golf professional/manag- 
er; Todd McDaniel. superintendent: George 
"Chuck Holloway, assistant manager, and Tony 
Laiche, golf course maintenance. 


Faculty and Staff 

Leading the physical plant are 
(1 tor) Todd McDaniel, 
superintendent of grounds; Darryl 
Jordan, superintendent of build- 
ings. Not pictured are Jan Brown, 
secretary. Joy Wesbrooks, 
director of purchasing; and 
Troy Douglas, director. 

General maintenance includes 

(1 to r) James Hillard, Hubert 

Greer, Noland Vinzant, 

Homer Jordan, Ben Bowman, 

and Farran Smith. 

Housekeeping includes (1 to r) 

Andre McCoy, Robert Newton, 

and Chris Fowler. Standing are 

Mary Dixon, Tim Dixon, Bren- 

da Smith, Larry Sanders, and 

Lois Jackson, supervisor. 


Coaches include (front, left to right) Brenda Smith, women's 
tennis coach; Phil Broome, head football coach; David Cross, 
assistant football coach; and David Smith, head softball coach. 
Second row includes Johnny Williams, assistant softball 
coach; Rickey Clopton, assistant football coach; Calvin Green, 
assistant football coach; Dennis Sims, head men's basketball 
coach; and Mike Mclntyre, men's tennis coach. On the back 
are Keith Case, head baseball coach; and Gwyn Young, head 
women's basketball coach. 




Co-Lin is not only a great place for edu- 
cation, it is a great place to meet new 
friends. The grill and cafeteria are where 
many students enjoy being with each 
other. Lake Lincoln is also a great place 
to hangout during the fall and spring. 
Studying is not always a full-time job for 
students at Co-Lin because of many 
activities. There are many intramural 
sports and activities such as volleyball, 
softball, and ping pong. Also don't forget 
about Spring Fling Week, it's a week full 
of activities just by itself. Students just 
never stop going, either their studies or 
social lives keep them young and abreast. 







| Fll> ' 



wwm # 




I "v*e\l--^ ; 



■ ' MSB ■ i 


2' "**" 

™ k^r 



Abrams, Ruth, Sontag, Fr. 
Adams, Ben, Houma, LA, Fr. 
Adams. Kenneth, Bogue Chitto, So. 
Agnew, Andi Farrah, Crystal Springs, So 
Albright, Steve Jr., McCall Creek, So. 
Alexander, Jennifer Dawn, Jayess, Fr. 
Alexander, Terrance, Florence, So. 

Alford, Holly, Liberty, Fr. 
Allen, Walisha, Roxie, Fr. 
Allen, Deidre. Brookhaven. So. 
Allen, Donna. Brookhaven, So. 
Allen, Lance. Roxie, Fr. 
Allen, Torenda, Magee, Fr. 
Alsworth, Tracey, Union Church, So 

Hundreds attend 

The Wolves beat Gulf Coast before a large 
homecoming audience. The Wolves have 
won nine state championships through the 
years. Football is a hit at Co-Lin. 

Amos, Jarod, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Anderson, Kenyon, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Arnold, Tarci, Natchez, Fr. 
Arpad, Eisert, Egar, Hungary, Fr. 
Ashley. Stephen, Wesson, So. 
Allerberry, Tanya, Monticcllo, Fr. 
Baker, Kary Ann, Pearl, Fr. 

Ball, Kyle, Monticello, Fr. 
Banks, Cynthia, Ha/lehurst, So. 
Barden, Terrell, Ha/lehurst, Fr. 
Barker, John, Brookhaven, So. 
Barkley, Amy, Georgetown, So. 
Barksdalc, Brent, Brookhaven, So. 
Barlow, Brian, Harrisvillc, So. 


Barlow, Christie, Michelle Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Barlow, Stephanie. Hazlehurst, So. 

Barner, Michelle, Wesson, Fr. 

Barnett, Larinda, Brookhaven, So. 

Beall, Jennifer, Wesson, Fr. 

Beasley, Clark, Crystal Springs, So. 

Becker, Tate, Wesson, Fr. 

Belanger, Brandon, Houma, LA, So. 

Benjamin, Bobbie Ann, Pattison. Fr. 

Benjamin, Janisky, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Benson, Nakisa, Monticello, So. 

Berch, Chris. Hazlehurst. So. 

Berry, Kierstein, Union Church, Fr. 

Berry. Nick, New Hebron. Fr. 

Berry, Ryan, New Hebron, Fr. 

Bishop, Jed, New Hebron, Fr. 

Black, LeDuane, Brookhaven Fr. 

Black, Miriacle, Georgetown, So. 

Blackwell, Steven, Monticello, Fr. 

Bland, Paul Gregory. Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Bland, Paula Leigh, Harrisville, Fr. 

Blaylock, Sandra. Hazelhurst, So. 

Boling, Lakisha, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Bonds, Janna, Roxie, So. 

Bonds, Jennifer, Roxie, So. 

Booth, David, Mendenhall, Fr. 

Booth, Scott, Mendenhall, Fr. 

Boutwell. Nancy. Ruth. Fr. 

Bowlin. Heather, Wesson, Fr. 

Bowman, Susan, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Box, Dana, Wesson. So. 

Boyd, Amy, Jayess, Fr. 

Boyd, Dawn, Wesson, So. 

Boyd. James, Monticello, So. 

Boyd, Jamie Michelle. Jayess, So. 

Boyte, Stephanie. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Bozeman, Veronica. Hazelhurst, So. 

Brashier. Candice, Natchez. Fr. 

Brent, Billy, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Brent. Delphine. Jayess, So. 

Brewer, Ashley Brent. Wesson, So. 

Bridges. Vicki. Mendenhall. So. 

Britt, Brieannon. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Britt. Jimmy, Wesson, Fr. 

Britt. Kristy, Wesson, Fr. 

Brooks, Jon. New Hebron, Fr. 

Brooks. Mark Randall. Wesson. Fr. 

Brown, Latasha. Wesson. Fr. 

Brown. Melissa, Natchez, Fr. 

Brown, Roleta. Crystal Springs. So. 

Brown, Sadie. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Brown, Solomon, Foxworth. Fr. 

Brown. Stephanie. Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Bueto, Melissa Dawn. Wesson. Fr. 

Buie, Charlie, Fayette. Fr. 

Burgess. Brandi, Bosue Chitto, So. 

Burgess, Kim Meadville. So. 

Burns. Sara. Natchez. Fr. 

Bums, Tracy. Wesson. Fr. 

Burt. Duane. Bogue Chitto. So. 

Bush. Chris. New Hebron. Fr. 

Bush. Jennifer. Magee. So. 

Butler. Carrie. Wesson. Fr. 


Butler, Charlotte, Monticello, So. 
Butler, Dexter, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 
Butler, Lane, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Butler, Manndi, Brookhaven, So. 
Butler, Mekeela Jeanaye, Wesson, So 
Butler, Tennille, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Byrd, Alison, Centreville. Fr. 

Byrd, Timothy, Wesson, Fr. 
Byrun, Stephanie West, Brookhaven, Fr 
Byther, Samantha, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Calcote, Colby, Brookhaven, So. 
Callender, Tracy. Brookhaven, Fr. 
Cameron, Felicia, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Carpenter, Chasity, Wesson, Fr. 

Beauty Pageant - 
as usual a hit 

Twenty Contestants competed in the Trilli- 
um Beauty Pageant in November. Burlian 
Walker and Pat Young were emcees. Amy 
Lewis joined them as a director. 

Carr, Patrick, Monticello, Fr. 
Carson, Eric, Crystal Springs, Fr. 
Carter, James, Braxton, Fr. 
Carter, Lora, Brookhaven, So. 
Case, Blake, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Case, Chris, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Case, Crystal, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Cashio, Carla, Zachary, LA., Fr. 
Cason, Benjamin, Hazlehurst, So. 
Cason, Mary, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Catchings, Rogina, Hazlehurst, So. 
Causey, Preston, Meadville, Fr. 
Cessna, Alicia, Pattison, Fr. 
Channel, Carrie. Monticello, So. 


Channell, Tryett, Crystal Springs, Fr. 

Chapman, Jim, Brookhaven, So. 

Charpentier, Robin, Wesson, So. 

Chism, Eric Terrell, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Clark, Barry, Natchez, So. 

Clark, Shanna Bass, Brookhaven, So. 

Clark, Tamela. Fayette. Fr. 

Clarke, Rayford, Hohenfecs, Germany, So. 

Cline, Keith. Mendenhall, So. 

Cline. Mitzi. Wesson. Fr. 

Cline, Toni. Mendenhall. Fr. 

Cloud, Joy, Jackson, Fr. 

Coburn, Sandy, Meadville. Fr. 

Cochran, Kelli, Brookhaven, So. 

Coke, Emily, Hazlehurst, So. 

Coleman, Eley, Monticello, Fr. 

Coleman, Tasha, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Cook, Pamela, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Cooksey, Bethany, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Counsel, Kassandra, Fayette, So. 

Craft, David, Mendenhall, So. 

Craft, Scott, Magee, So. 

Creel, Peyton, Magee. So. 

Crowell, Larry, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Cubie, Chassity, Vidalia, LA, So. 

Culver, Johnny, Crystal Springs, So. 

Culver, Sonya. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Cutler, JoAnna, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Dampeer. Shiree, Mendenhall. Fr. 

Daughdrill, Boone, New Herbron, Fr. 

Davis, Amy, Crystal Springs, So. 

Davis, Catrina. Brookhaven, So. 

Davis, Danniy, Natchez, Fr. 

Davis. Jon, Wesson, Fr. 

Davis, Josh, Jayess, So. 

Davis, Monica, Lorman, So. 

Davis, Todd, Meadville, So. 

Deblanc, Kristie, Smithdale. So. 

Dehart, Blair, Theriot, LA. Fr. 

DeJohn, Betty, McCall Creek, So. 

Delancy, Michael. Braxton. Fr. 

Delaney, Reagan. Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Delaughter, Stephanie, Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Dewey, Shannon. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Dickey, Kenneth, Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Dickey, Paige. Natchez. Fr. 

Dillon. Dorothy. Magnolia. Fr. 

Dilmore, Jonathan, Mendenhall. Fr. 

Dixon. Michael. Hazlehurst. Fr. 

Dixon, Tonya, Braxton. Fr. 

Dotson, Katrina, Natchez. Fr. 

Douglas. Chad. Wesson. So. 

Drorak. Julia. Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Dunaway. Ginger. Monticello. So. 

Dunnigan. Mashonna. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Durr, Joseph. Natchez. Fr. 

Dykes. Joseph. Wesson. So. 

Earles. Shawn. Mendenhall. So. 

Earls. Lisa. Wesson. So. 

Easterling. Shane. Wesson. So. 

Edwards, Layla. Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Edwards. Olivia. Meadville. Fr. 

Ervin. Natheon. Suntag. So. 


Evans, Denise, Monticello. Fr. 
Evans, Jack, McCall Creek, Fr. 
Everett, Tameka, New Hebron, So 
Ezell, Deanna, Union Church, So. 
Fair, Marvin, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Fairman, Felicia, Brookhaven, So. 
Faulkner, Crystal, Wesson, Fr. 

Fauver, Samantha, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Ferguson, Regena, Bogue Chitto, So. 
Flowers, Rush, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Floyd, James, Wesson, Fr. 
Floyd, Marcus, Mendenhall, Fr. 
Fortenberry, Jarrett, Crystal Springs, So. 
Fortenberry, Robert C, New Hebron, Fr 

Hope Ratcliff - a 
hit with the crowd 

Hope Ratcliff was among entertainers at 
the Trillium Beauty Pageant. Co-Lin's music 
department has been a hit over the past 70 

Foster, Angela, McCall Creek, So. 
Foster, Jason, Mcadville, So. 
Foster, Susie, Brookhaven So. 
Fowler, Holly, Wesson, So. 
Franklin, Johnny, Monticello, So. 
Freeman, Misty, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Freshwater, Robin, McComb, So. 

Furlow, Sherry, Wesson, So. 
Furr, Christy, Wesson, So. 
Gaines, Adrian, Lorman, Fr. 
Gaines, Freddie, Lorman, Fr. 
Garner, Justin, Wesson, So. 
Gennaro, Emilc, Wesson, So. 
Geoghegan, Martin, Natchez, So. 


George, Courtney, Jackson, So, 

Gilmore, Darrell, Wesson, Fr, 

Givens, Jennifer. Wesson, So. 

Givens, Jimmy Lee. Monticello. Fr. 

Godbold, Benjamin, Brookhaven. So. 

Golmon, Lance, Monticello. Fr. 

Goodman, Pam, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Goodroe, Angela, Mendenhall, So. 

Goza, Gabe, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Grace, Mary, Summit, So. 

Graves, Amy, Natchez, Fr. 

Green, Colby. Hazlehurst, So. 

Greer, Randy, Bogue Chitto, So. 

Griffin, Brian, D'Lo, Fr. 

Griffin, Michelle, Wesson, Fr. 

Grimes, Ginny, Wesson, Fr. 

Guice, Ronald, Fayette, Fr. 

Guynes, Anna, Crystal Springs, So. 

Haik, Marc, Crystal Springs, So. 

Hall, Keith, Prentiss, Fr. 

Hall. Nikki. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Harper, Wandra, Braxton, So. 

Harrell, Michael, Roxie, So. 

Harrington, Amy. Wesson. Fr. 

Harris, Christopher. Wesson, Fr. 

Harris, Lashouda, Silver Creek, Fr. 

Hartzog, Denis, Silver Creek, Fr. 

Harvey, Benji. Monticello. So. 

Hayes, Lasondra. Mendenhall. So. 

Hays, Jay, Mt. Olive, So. 

Hazlip, Russell, Natchez, Fr. 

Heard, Jaymie, Wesson, Fr. 

Hearn. Christina, Monticello, Fr. 

Hearn, Jeffery, Monticello, So. 

Hedgepeth, Kacey, Monticello. Fr. 

Helmstetter, Rhonda, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Hemphill. Daniel, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Henderson, Melinda, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Henry, Kay. Monticello. Fr. 

Herring. Robby. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Herrington. Chris. Brookhaven. So. 

Hicks. Robin, Wesson. Fr. 

Hill, Mark. Meadville. So. 

Hill, Shanika, Brookhaven, So. 

Hinson, Torie, Natchez, Fr. 

Hobson, Lisa, Crystal Springs. Fr. 

Hodges. Jonathan. Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Hoeniges, Anton. Brookhaven. So. 

Hoggott. Julie. Brookhaven. So. 

Holiday, Angela. Natchez. Fr. 

Holland. Todd. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Hollosy, Krisztina, Szombathely. Hungary. Fr. 

Holloway. Bryan. Hazlehurst. Fr. 

Holloway. Rodney, Hazlehurst. Fr. 

Honea. Letha. Sontag. So. 

Hood. Amy, Brookhaven. So. 

Hood. Ryan. Benton. So. 

Hooker. Dee Dee. Brookhaven. So. 

Horton. Melody. Monticello. Fr. 

Howard. Justin. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Huffman. LaRanda. Wesson. So. 

Hutchinson, Keith. Brookhaven. So. 

Hutchinson. Kimberly. Brookhaven. So. 



Hutchinson, Leigh Ann, Silver Creek, Fr 
Hux. Daniel, Bogue Chitto. So. 
Hynum, Stephanie, Port Gibson, So. 
Jackson, Antonio, Crystal Springs, Fr. 
Jackson, Barbara, Monticello, Fr. 
Jackson, Bobby, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Jackson, Jocelyn, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Jackson, John, Georgetown, Fr. 
Jackson, Jywanza Laika, Fayette. Fr 
Jackson, Lasheker, Fayette, Fr. 
Jackson, Lynette, Brookhaven, Fr. 
James, J. J., Natchez, So. 
James, Tommy, Magee, So. 
Jinks, Destry, Brookhaven, Fr. 


Johnson, Bridgett, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Johnson, Casena, Wesson, So. 
Johnson, Darcia, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Johnson, Jerralyn, Brookhaven, So. 
Johnson, Julia, Crystal Springs, So. 
Johnson. Larhoncla, Brookhaven, Fr 
Johnson, Shelia, Natchez, Fr. 

Johnson, Stephanie, Monticello, Fr 
Jones, Bobby, Magee, Fr. 
Jones, Grenn, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Jones, Lemans, Brookhaven, So. 
Jones. Tammy, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Jones, LeAnn, Bogue Chitto, So. 
Jordan, Hicdi, Jayess, Fr. 

Jordan. Josh, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Jordan, Quinn, Wesson, Fr. 

Jordan, Shoney, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Kees, Glenda, Brookhaven, So. 

Keith, Michael, Magee, Fr. 

Kelley, Adranne, Wesson, So. 

Kellum, Jeffrey, Crystal Springs. So. 

Kelly Knstal, McCall Creek, So. 

Kelly, Shaqueritta, Fayette, Fr. 

Key, Eddie, Sanford. FL, So. 

Keys, Cory, Monticello, Fr. 

Kilpatrick, Jennifer, Florence, Fr. 

Kinlaw, Cory, Silver Creek, Fr. 

King, Jerri Little, Brookhaven. Fr. 

King, Kris, Wesson, Fr. 

King, Rebecca, Monticello, Fr. 

Knight, Amanda. Hazlehurst. Fr. 

Knight, Stephanie, Brookhaven. So. 

Kyzar, Bryan, Brookhaven, So. 

Kyzar, Holly, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Kyzar, Megan. Wesson. So. 

Lack, Amanda, Crystal Springs. Fr. 

Laird, Theda, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Lambert, Trina, Hazlehurst, So. 

Lawson, Amanda, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Leard, Kayce, Washington. Fr. 

Leazer, Jenine, Gloster, Fr. 

Lee, Cassandra. New Hebron. So. 

Lee, Latanya, Magee, So. 

Lee, Lenora, Mendenhall. So. 

Lee, Tracey, Roxie, So. 

Leggett, Josh. Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Lenoir, Clarinda, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Lewis, Felicia. Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Lewis, Somer. Ferriday. La, Fr. 

Lincoln, Chris, Natchez, So. 
Little, Jeremy, New Hebron, So. 
Lofton. Daniel. Smithdale. Fr. 
Lofton, Robin, Monticello. So. 
Lofton, Stephanie. Magee. Fr. 
Lofton. Susann, Smithdale. Fr. 
Long, Haley, Wesson. Fr. 

Love, Vicki. Brookhaven, So. 

Loy, Jeremy, Natchez. Fr. 

Lucas, Lindsey, Goodman. So. 

Lucas, Nicole, Silver Creek. So. 

Luper, Lacy, Hazlehurst, So. 

Lynch, Angelina. Hazlehurst. So. 

Mackey. Brandi, Silver Creek, So. 

Madison, Lacresa. Preritiss. Fr. 

Magee, Barbara, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Magee. Candice, Mendenhall. So. 

Magee, Robert, Mendenhall. So. 

Mangum, James. Mendenhall. Fr. 

Mark, Chris, Tylertown. Fr. 

Martin. David, Bosue Chitto. Fr. 

Martin. Gabe. Silver Creek. Fr. 

Martin. Hazel. Wesson. Fr. 

Martin. James. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Martin, Jeremy. Mendenhall. Fr. 

Mason. Shane. Montcello. Fr. 

Maxwell. Susan. Wesson. Fr. 

Mav. Antonva. Javess. Fr. 


May, Stephanie, Mendenhall. Fr. 
McClelland, Lyndie, Bogue Chitto, So 
McCoy, Broderick, Roxie, Fr. 
McCoy. Elsie, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
McCoy, Marcus, Brookhaven, Fr. 
McCoy, Reginia, Liberty. So. 
McCullough, Stacie, Ruth, So. 

McCullough, Stephanie, Brookhaven, So. 
McCurley. Quentin, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
McDonald, Scott, Brookhaven, So. 
McGee, Amos, Monticello, Fr. 
Mclnnis. Jamie, Magee, Fr. 
McLendon, Jean, Crystal Springs. Fr. 
McManus, Beau Patrick, Crystal Springs, Fr 


Melvin, Carmen, Jackson, Fr. 
Mandus, Anita, Silver Creek, Fr. 
Methvien, Yancy, McCall Creek, Fr 
Michiels, Renee, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Mickle, Shelia, Hazlehurst, So. 
Middleton, Clinton, Natchez, Fr. 
Mikcll, Krisha, Monticello, So. 

Miller, Brian, Monticello, Fr. 
Milstead, Tiffany, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Minor, Stephanie, Crystal Springs, So 
Mitchell, Amanda, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Mitchell, Jenny, Magee, Fr. 
Mitchell, Mark, Gallman, Fr. 
Moak, Justin, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Moak, Ricky, Wesson. So. 

Moak, Rusty, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Moak, William, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Moore, Daisy, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Moore, Phillip, Wesson, Fr. 

Morgan, Darlene, Brookhaven, So. 

Morris, Greg, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Moulder, Lori, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Mulevu, Brian, Lusaka, Zambia, Africa, Fr. 

Mullins. Angie, Monticello. So. 

Mullins, Preston, Wesson, Fr. 

NaQuin, Eric, Brookhaven, So. 

Nelson, Walterine, Brookhaven, So. 

Nix, Michael, Fayette, So. 

Norman, William, Meadville, So. 

Norwood, Jenny, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

O'Quinn, Kanyma, Union Church, Fr. 

Oatis, Alfred, Prentiss, Fre. 

Oglesby, Kim, Meadville, So. 

Parrett, Tommy, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Parsons, David, Natchez, Fr. 

Patrick, Jessica, Mendenhall, So. 

Paul, Joseph, Monterey, LA, Fr. 

Pearson, Miranda, Mendenhall, Fr. 

Peeples, Donna, Meadville, Fr. 

Peets, Derek, Wesson, Fr. 

Pendleton, Cameron, Wesson, Fr. 

Pendleton, Jacqueline, Hazlehurst, So. 

Pepper, Hope, Brookhaven, So. 

Perkins, Laquita. Prentiss, Fr. 

Perryman, Derrick, Fayette. Fr. 

Peyton, Dwitte, Sontag, Fr. 

Peyton, Greta, Sontag. Fr. 

Pillars, Stephanie. Wesson, Fr. 

Pippin, Deanna, Monticello, Fr. 

Pittman, Marian, Monticello. So. 

Pittman, Marleana, Monticello. So. 

Pittman, Melvin, Monticello, Fr. 

Poole, David. Meadville, So. 

Porter, Antonio, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Porvis, Tanya, Mendenhall, So. 

Powell, Jason, Georsetown. So. 

Powers, Ashley, Braxton. So. 

Price, David, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Quinn, Brent, Jackson, Fr. 

Quinn, Sonya, Terry, Fr. 

Rabb. Bryan. Natchez, So. 

Raiford, Brandy. Bogue Chitto. So. 

Rainey, Addie, Mendenhall. So. 

Ramshur, John, New Heborn, Fr. 

Rando, Anthony, Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Rankin. John. Mendenhall. Fr. 

Rankin, Marcus, Fayette. So. 

Ratcliff. Hope, Wesson. So. 

Ready. Nicole. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Reeves. Amanda. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Reeves, Jason, Brookhaven. So. 

Reid. Stacie, Jayess, Fr. 

Reynolds, Jenny. Florence, So. 

Reynolds, Michelle. Brookhaven. Fr. 

Rhodes, Cedric. Monticello. So. 

Rhodes. Mandy, Crystal Springs. So. 

Rhymes. Tamieka. Hazlehurst, Fr. 


Richardson, Jason, New Hebron. Fr. 
Richardson, Victoria, Bogue Chitto, Fr 
Riley, Julie, Monticello, Fr. 
Riptoe, Busara, Wesson, Fr. 
Roberson. Joyce, Monticello, Fr. 
Roberson, Kristy, Monticello, Fr. 
Roberson. Shunta, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Roberts, Jonie, Wesson, So. 
Roberts, Michelle, McCall Creek. So 
Roundtree, Formeka, Jackson, Fr. 
Runnels, Mychal. Mcndenhall. Fr. 
Russell, Alan, Brookhaven, So. 
Russell, Kristie. New Hebron, So. 
Rutland, Dana, Monticello, Fr. 

Campus life 

Life on the campus has definitely changed 
over 70 years. Remember when female stu- 
dent had to wear dresses? 

Rutland, Maurice, Jayess, So. 
Rutland, Mclanie, Jayess, So. 
Ryan, Tasha, McCall Creek, Fr. 
Sandel, Ruby, Natchez, So. 
Sanders. Brook. Mcndenhall. Fr. 
Sanders, Delora. Wesson, Fr. 
Sanders. Dwight, Wesson, So. 

Sanders, Janice, Georgetown, Fr. 
Sanders, Lakesha, Brookhaven, So. 
Sandifer, Shanna, Tylertown, So. 
Sandifer, Vera, Crystal Springs, Fr. 
Santos, Fabio, Magee, So. 
Sashfras, Monica, Natchez, Fr. 
Sasser, Dustin. Bogue Chitto, So. 


Sasser, Skip, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Seal, Branch. Wesson, So. 

Sedwick, Christopher. Magee, Fr. 

Selman, Cory, Crystal Springs, F. 

Sessions, Benjamin, Terry, Fr. 

Shannon, Cheri, Wesson, So. 

Sharbrough, Angela, New Hebron, So. 

Sharpe, Byron, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Sherman, Alicia, Mendenhall, Fr. 
Shoemake, Alex, Monticello, Fr. 
Showers, Anita, Silver Creek, Fr. 
Simmons, Barbara, Magnolia, Fr. 
Simon, Karen, Crystal Springs, Fr. 
Sims, Calvert, Sanatorium, Fr. 

Sims, Georgia, Wesson, So. 

Smith, Amy, Bogue Chitto. Fr. 

Smith, Angela. Wesson, Fr. 

Smith, Anna Marie. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Smith, Brad, Brookhaven, So. 

Smith, Bradley, Brookhaven, So. 

Smith, Brett, Brookhaven, So. 

Smith, Briley, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Smith. Byris, Fayette. So. 

Smith, Cassie, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Smith. Darrel, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Smith, Donna. Brookhaven, So. 

Smith, Elizabeth, Brookhaven, So. 

Smith, Jason, Brookhaven. So. 

Smith, Jennifer, Crystal Springs, Fr. 

Smith, Karen, Monticello, Fr. 

Smith, Kathy, Crystal Springs, Fr. 

Smith, Katrina, Magee, Fr. 

Smith, Kawana, Union Church, Fr. 

Smith, Kristy, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Smith, Kristy. Wesson, Fr. 

Smith, Landon, Wesson, So. 

Smith. Natasha, Wesson. Fr. 

Smith, Shelley. Mendenhall, So. 

Smith, Vickey, Wesson, Fr. 

Smith, Vicki. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Smith, Yolanda, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Snell, Melissa, Harrisville, Fr. 

Jones, Christian, D'Lo, Fr. 

Speights. Noah, Brookhaven, So. 

Spencer. Timmy. Brookhaven, Fr. 

Spillers, Arn. Natchez, Fr. 

Spinks, Macah. Hazlehurst. Fr. 

Spraggins. Don. Wesson. Fr. 

Stamps, Cammie, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Steen, Doug, Vicksburg, Fr. 
Stein, Michelle, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Stephens, Saundra, Natchez. Fr. 
Stewart, Jamie. Mendenhall. So. 
Stewart, Mavis, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Stokes. Christian. Sontag, Fr. 
Strinser, Lee. Mendenhall. Fr. 

Sullivan. Robby. Mendenhall. So. 

Sutton. Aaron. Monticello. Fr. 

Sutton, Catherine. Hazlehurst. So. 

Swilley. Byron. Hazlehurst. So. 

Tanner. Jennifer. Wesson. So. 

Tatum. Curtis, Mendenhall. Fr. 

Taylor. Sam. Magee. Fr. 


Taylor, Sylvia, Magnolia, Fr. 
Tenner, Antreinika, Natchez, Fr. 
Tenner, Nashandra, Fayette, Fr. 
Terrell, Jasmine, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 
Thames, Stephanie, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Thomas, Lawrence, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Thomas, Melissa, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Thomas, Shannon, Brookhave, Fr. 
Thomas, T.C. Bogue Chitto, Fr. 
Thompson, Melissa, New Hebron, Fr. 
Thompson, Perry, Silver Creek, So. 
Thornhill, Jonas, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Tillman, Vanessa, Hazelhurst, Fr. 
Tomlinson, Clarissa, Melbourne, Australia, So. 

Cheerleaders add 

Cheerleaders through the years have added 
spirit at games and pep rallies. 

Toupin, Isabelle, Magee, So. 
Townsend, Lori Leigh, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Turner, Christa, Monticello, Fr. 
Tyson, Michelle, Hazlehurst, Fr. 
Ulmer, Andrew, Magee, So. 
Van, Julie, Monticello, Fr. 
Vaughan, Sarah, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Vinson, Andrew, Natchez, So. 
Walker, David, Temple Hills, MD. So. 
Walker, Duan, New Hebron, Fr. 
Walker, LaTressa, Liberty, Fr. 
Walker, Mandy, Wesson, So. 
Walker, Mary, Wesson, Fr. 
Walker, Natrica, Prentis, Fr. 


Wallace, Marsha, Monticello. Fr. 

Wallace, Neisha, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Waller, Zach, Monticello, Fr. 

Walters, Paul, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Warbington, Elizabeth, Wesson, Fr. 

Ward, Detra, Georgetown, So. 

Warren, Denise, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Warren, Torre, Tampa. FL, Fr. 

Warren, Virginia, Brookhaven, So. 

Washington, Calandra, Brookhaven, So. 

Washington, Fredia, Wesson, Fr. 

Washington, Katesha, Union Church, So. 

Washington, Kenya, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Washington, Lizzie, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Watson, Veneka, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Weathersby, Eddie, Mendenhall, Fr. 

Webb, Thomas, Brookhaven, So. 

Welch, Donna, Brookhaven, So. 

Whatley. Sharon, Wesson, Fr. 

Wheaton, Purtina. Clinton. Fr. 

White, Lindsay, New Hebron, Fr. 

White, Preston, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

White, Teresa. Summit, Fr. 

Whitney, Melody. Port Gibson, Fr. 

Whittington, Heather, Brookhaven. So. 

Whittington, Susan, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Wigley, Patricia, Pattison, Fr. 

Wiley, Levonne, Hazlehurst, Fr. 

Wilkinson, Brandon, Smithdale, Fr. 

Willard, Michelle, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Williams, Antrinette. Fayette, Fr. 

Williams, Christopher, Natchez, So. 

Williams, Cicely, Silver Creek. Fr. 

Williams, Dearel, Oakvale, Fr. 

Williams, Leon, Natchez, So. 

Williams. Richard, Brookhaven. So. 

Williams, Shannon, Meadville, So. 

Williams, Shawomekia, Bogue Chitto, Fr. 

Williamson. Carey, Brookhaven. Fr. 

Williamson, Erin, Georgetown. Fr. 

Williamson. Lori, Monticello, Fr. 

Willis, Mary, Natchez, Fr. 

Willis, Tiffany, Hazlehurst. So. 

Wilson, Katie, Smithdale. So. 

Wilson, Kimberly, Wesson, Fr. 

Wilson, Krystal, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Wilson, Matt. Roxie, So. 

Wilson. Michael, Meadville. So. 

Wilson. Randy, Brookhaven, Fr. 

Wilson, Richard, Jackson. Fr. 

Wilson, Shoneta. Jackson. Fr. 

Wimberley, Marie, Georgetown. Fr. 

Winfield, Jacient, Roxie, Fr. 

Winslow, Mandy, Rolling Fork. So. 

Womack. Sherry, Jayess. Fr. 

Wood. Tina. Javess. So. 

Word, Toni. Monticello. Fr. 

Wroten, Rebecca. Hazlehurst. So. 

Wyatt. Marvia. Fayette. So. 

Yarbrough. Jason. New Hebron, Fr. 

Young, Ben. Bogue Chitto, So. 

Young. Brandi, Monticello. Fr. 

Young. Clinton, Crystal Springs. Fr. 


Young, Jessica, Wesson, Fr. 
Young, Scott, Bogue Chitto, So. 
Young, Taneshia, Magee, Fre. 
Zimmerman, Sandi, Brookhaven, Fr. 
Zumbro, Wendy, McCall Creek, Fr. 

IM— 1 ■» 

Kendall Chapman (left), director of learning resources, was named as first-ever recipient of 
the Outstanding Staff Member of the Year at Copiah-Lincoln Community College during 
homecoming. Presenting the award was Dr. Paul Johnson, dean of the college. 

Outstanding Instructors of the Year at Copiah-Lincoln Community College are (1 to r) 
Nancy Dykes for academics, Dr. Paul Johnson, dean of the college, who made the presen- 
tations on behalf of the alumni association, and Bruce Irvin for vocational-technical. 

Outstanding Humanities Instructor named by Mississippi Humanities Council went to David Higgs. 








The 1997-98 Trillium editors, Ricky Moak and Shelley Smith, would like to extend a tremendous "thank-you" to everyone who 
devoted their time and effort to the 1998 Trillium. We send out a special thanks to Burlian Walker, Johnny Smith, and the Trillium Staff 
for the many hours they have contributed to the 1997-1998 edition of the Trillium. Without their support, this yearbook would not have 
been a success. 

We hope that we have succeeded in our attempt to present to you, the faculty and student body, a lifelong enjoyable yearbook. As you 
reflect back, we want this yearbook to bring you fond memories of your days at Copiah-Lincoln Community College. 


1 30 



Co-Lin/Natchez continues to be an exciting "Place 
to Be." It has been a hit in the Miss-Lou area for over 26 
years. Its new academic facilities and reputation for 
educational excellence continue to attract students to 
its campus year after year. The fall semester began with 
an enrollment of more that 700 fulltime and parttime, 
traditional and nontraditional students. This enroll- 
ment figure reflected a significant increase in the num- 
ber of traditional students on campus. 

Co-Lin /Natchez continues to be an institute that is 
dedicated to providing the best service possible for its 
students. Dr. Ronnie Nettles, the new Dean of the 
Natchez campus, stated that he was "extremely 
pleased with the way [the] school year started." He 
also stated that "the admission and business office 
staffs. ..worked very long hours and [the] 
faculty... agreed to teach additional classes to help stu- 


Co-Lin /Natchez continues to improve its image as 
an institute of educational excellence not only in the 
surrounding areas but also in far-reaching areas of the 
world with programs like Elderhostel and the Natchez 
Literary Celebration. 

Co-Lin/Natchez with its new technologies and 
advanced computer programs continues to prepare 
students, faculty, administrators, and staff with the 
knowledge and skills needed to meet the special chal- 
lenges and opportunities the 21st century will bring. 

As Co-Lin /Natchez continues to move boldly into the 
next century, it does so with great excitement and antici- 
pation and with an open invitation to all those individu- 
als with desires for growth and advancement to come 
and be a part of its present and future because Co- 
Lin/Natchez is and will continue to be the "Place to Be." 

Tracy Floyd welcomes visitors to 
the Natchez campus. 

Ronald E. Nettles 

Dean of the 
Natchez Campus 

Ronald E. Nettles became dean of the Natchez Campus in July 1997. 
For the three years prior to becoming dean, he served as the Director of 
Community and Economic Development for Co-Lin, where he was 
responsible for coordinating the development of customized training and 
educational programs for business and industry. Nettles, a Natchez 
native, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a 
Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science in 1983, and a Master of 
Education degree in Counseling and Personnel Service in 1986. He 
received a Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi in Educational Lead- 
ership in 1994. Prior to his employment at Co-Lin, Nettles was the 
Director of Career Planning and Job Placement at the University of 
Southern Mississippi. 

Nettles is an active member of the Natchez Chamber of Commerce, 
serving on the board of directors and co-chairing the education commit- 
tee. He is also a member of the Academic Deans Association and the 
Mississippi Association of School Administrators. He is past president 
of the Mississippi Cooperative Education and Placement Association 
and the University Civitan Club in Hattiesburg. 

Nettles' goals for the Natchez campus include expanding course offer- 
ings for students and being more responsive to the needs of the commu- 
nity. He said, "We want to offer new classes and offer them at times that 
are convenient for our students. We also want to develop other programs 
that respond to specific needs in the community." 

The Nettles family includes (1 to r) Rosie, Brandon, Ronald, and Jordan. 

Louis Selmon and Dr. Ronald Nettles listen intently as Dr. Billy Thames and Gerald Millione discuss school politics. 


The Natchez Trillium 

Is Rededicated to 
Diane Dell Martello 

*a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi where she 
received a M. Ed. in Educational Administration in 1984, a M. S. in 
Community Counseling in 1974, and a B. S. in Library Science in 1970. 
She holds an A. A. from Jones County Junior College. She has done 
additional course work in Vocational Education through Mississippi 
State University, Auburn University, and the University of Southern 

*a dedicated employee of Copiah-Lincoln Community College. From 
1976 to 1984 she was a counselor and Adult Basic Education instructor. 
From October 1984 to April 1985, she was Supervisor/Counselor for the 
Job Training Partnership Act programs. In May 1985 she was appointed 
Assistant to the Associate Dean of Vocational-Technical Education. 
*a member of Phi Delta Kappa, the American Vocational Association, 
and the Mississippi Association Vocational Educators. 
*the wife of Robert C. Martello and mother of Melinda and Robyn. 
*a 1986-1987 recipient of the Trillium dedication. 
*an avid reader and lover of needle work or any activity that involves her 

*planning to travel, spend more time with her family, and do volunteer 
work when she retires at the end of June. 

*With respect and admiration, the 1997-1998 Natchez Trillium is reded- 
icated to Diane Dell Martello. Enjoy your retirement. We will miss you. 






An office systems technology major, Kara Fionna 
Brown stays on the President's list. She served as trea- 
surer of Phi Beta Lambda and secretary of Phi Theta 
Kappa for the 1997-98 school year. Brown is also a 
recipient of the Bennett Scholarship award and the 
1997 Outstanding Tutor Award. She is listed in Who's 
Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. 
Additionally she was named HEADWAE Outstanding 
Student for the 1997-98 school year. Furthermore, she 
was named Student of the Month for September 1997 
and served as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa All- 
USA Academic Team. 


An office systems technology major, Tracy Floyd stays 
on the Dean's List. During the 1997-98 school year, she 
served as president of Phi Theta Kappa, a member of 
Phi Beta Lambda, a student representative to the Pres- 
ident's Cabinet, and as a student worker in the dean's 
office. During the 1996-97 school year, she was the 
president of Phi Beta Lambda and a member of the 
Trillium staff. Moreover, Floyd was named Miss Co-Lin 
for this school year and student of the month for Feb- 
ruary 1997. Additionally, she is listed in Who's Who 
Among Students in American Junior College. 



A general studies major, Mark Mitchell stays on the 
Dean's List. He served as president of the Spanish 
Club, vice-president of Phi Theta Kappa, and a mem- 
ber of the President's Council during the 1997-98 
school year. He is listed in Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Junior Colleges. 





Joan Holland 

Shirley Detjen Green 

Sherry Kiser 

Denise Moreland Lipsey 

Gladys G. Rounds 


James Eugene Wright 


Stephanie Harrigill 

Billy Ray Cater 

Angie Verucchi 


Michael Dean Blalock 

Marion L. Vines, Jr. 


Bridget J. Breithaupt 

Donna Augustine 

Melonie Lynn Collins 


Charles Scott 

Judy Daniels Emerick 


Lester Wayne Freeman 


Rhonda Ann Binns 

Gail McGruder 

Bradley Robert Taylor 


Valerie McGuire 

Connie Thornburg 

Mary Vanessa Fleming 


Linda Royals Flynn 


Judy Ann Harris 

Blaise Patrick Gaude 

Pamela Joan Ray 



Rose Pennington Roberts 

Shelia Marie Myrick 

Tamily Lee McDaniel 

Raymond Sturdivant 

Jeffery Earl Mullen 


Charlene Deanne Ball 



Linda Carlson 

Deborah Olson Bounds 

Eloise Davis Baylor 

Carl Alan Niven 

Lisa Susan Wallace 

Richard A. Hartzog 

Jarrett Nicholson 



Roy King 

Evelyn Cantrell Loftin 

William Gary Creech 

Sherralann Longmire 

Patricia Marie McGehee 


Kara Fionna Brown 

Tracy Hoyd 

Mark Mitchell 




Mr. Co-Lin, Henry Albert Bacon, is the son of Connie 
Bacon and Henry Albert Bacon, Sr. He is a 1988 gradu- 
ate of Cathedral High School and a veteran of the Unit- 
ed States Navy. Bacon is a marketing management tech- 
nology major who is actively involved in club and cam- 
pus activities. He served as president of Delta Epislon 
Chi (DEX) during the 1997-98 school year and was a 
participant in the DEX state career conference in the area 
of salesmanship during the 1996-97 school year. Bacon 
was also listed in Who's Who Among Students in Amer- 
ican Junior College for the 1997-98 school year. 

Miss Co-Lin, Jennifer Louise Payne, is the daughter of 
Ruby and James Payne. She is a 1992 graduate of 
Natchez High School. Payne is a respiratory care major 
who is actively involved in club and campus activities. 
She served as president of the Student Government 
Association (SGA) and was a member of Phi Theta 
Kappa (PTK) during the 1997-98 school year. She was a 
freshman homecoming maid for the 1994-95 school year 
and was listed in Who's Who Among Students in Amer- 
ican Junior Colleges for the 1996-97 school year. Payne 
also served as SGA government representative during 
her freshman year. She is an honor student and has 
been named to the Dean's and Talent Roster lists. 
















Sophomore class favorites are (1 to r) Calvin Dixon, a respiratory care major, Angela Nicole Starks, 
an office system technology major. Kathy Baxter, an elementary education major, Shirley French, a 
pre-nursing major, Shermeeka Mitchel, a psychology major, and Charles "Chip" Williams III, a 
hospitality and tourism major. 












-■; " .... !„ . 

Freshman class favorites are (1 to r) Rashila Seals, a respiratory care major. La'Toya Washington, a 
x-ray technican major, and Christina Banks, a pre-nursing major. 














^^Vi j 




Jffi m&: 

/ Jj 

He* " ' 



/ J 







■.■<• ,. 

^^^ 1 











Administrators and professional staff are (1 to r) Kelly 
Corban, Elderhostel administrative assistant; Ronald 
Nettles, dean; Pat Cater, dean's secretary and Elder- 
hostel coordinator; and Mark LaFrancis, director of 
public information. 

Admissions Office professional, secretarial, and sup- 
port staff are (1 to r) Sandra Davidson, director of 
Admissions and Records; Shirley Comegys, admis- 
sions secretary; Carolyn Harper, accounts receivable 
manager and financial aid officer; Marguerite Wright, 
accounts payable manager and credit union officer. 

Student Support Services and Learning Center profes- 
sional and secretarial staff are (1 to r) Janice Byrne, lab 
manager; Bettye Mullen, director; Lexene Rand, senior 
aide; and Laura Winston, secretary. Not pictured is 
Pinkey Stewart, counselor. 




| & 

*► M In 



'." : " p? - • ■ ;; -'■ A 

Hb m J 




^^B JH' fl 

|WtV JJBjaj 


^" f, lp ^ 

Mathematics and science instructors are (1 to r) Robert 
Smith, mathematics and computer science; Joey Paul, 
mathematics and computer science; Janice Byrne, 
mathematics; John Bullen, biology and chemistry; and 
Allen Oliver, biology 

Humanities instructors are (1 to r) Barbara Haigh, Eng- 
lish; Mark LaFrancis, journalism; and Judy Wiggins, 
English, reading and study skills. 

Vocational Technical professional staff and instructors 
are (front row, 1 to r) Gerald Millione, respiratory care; 
Kathy Madden, professional food service, Beckv 
Neville, hospitality and tourism; Jo Hinton, marketing 
management; Sara Marchbanks, related studies, Josie 
Gilchrist-Anderson, counselor; Willie Rilev, 
welder/fitter; Richard Newbv, electronics instrumen- 
tation; (back row) Richard Waltman, respiratory care; 
Mariea Torrey, business technology; Linda Davis, 
business technology; Mike Pevev, special populations 
counselor; Dwayne Dunn, electronics instrumentation; 
Willie Sproulls, commercial truck driving; and Diana 
Martello, assistant dean for vocational-technical. 



Social science instructors are (1 to r) Jim Wiggins, histo- 
ry; Gerri Brown, psychology and sociology; and Ken- 
neth Taylor, accounting and economics. 

Vocational-Technical administrator, faculty and staff 
are (1 to r) Diana Martello, assistant dean for vocation- 
al-technical; Willie Sproulls, commercial truck driving, 
and Cissy Wisner, administrative assistant. 

Library professional and support staff and bookstore 
manager are (1 to r) Barbara Stein, bookstore manager; 
Joan McLemore, librarian; Torrye Dukes, library asso- 


Secretarial and support staff include (1 to r) Candice 
Williamson, small business development center and 
faculty secretary; Barbara Stein, bookstore manager; 
and Linda Walker Green, library assistant. 

Maintenance personnel are (1 to r) Patrick Patterson, 
Henry Whitehead, Gertrude Norman, Louise Watkins, 
and Herman Scott. 

Security personnel are (1 to r) Randall Newell, Theresa 
Rounds, Ed Carey, and Mark Richardson. 






The Admissions Office staff includes (1 to r) Vanessa 
Alexander, admissions secretary and Monica Cross, busi- 
ness manager. 

The Student Center staff includes (1 to r) Gail McGruder, 
manager; Marlon Johnson, assistant; and Donna Hendricks, 




1 - 1 


F i 

L!Br * 3 











L Tr~-*"~3"*' 

1 ' ''•'' 

■ ■ " ■ 'S 


. -. .fl 



FOR 1997-1998 

The Higher Education Appreciation Day — Work of Academic 
Excellence (HEADWAE) Awards for Outstanding Instructor of 
the Year and Outstanding Student of the Year were presented to 
Marie Torrey and Kara Fionna Brown, respectively. 
Torrey began teaching at the Natchez campus as a CETA voca- 
tional training instructor in 1976, a position she held until 1981 at 
which time she went to work in industry. She returned to Co-Lin 
in 1987 as a business technology instructor. Torrey is very active 
in professional organizations. She is a member of the Mississippi 
Business Education Association and has served on its Executive 
Board as a community college representative for three years and 
as a treasurer for two years. She is also a member of the National 
Business Education Association and the Mississippi Educational 
Computing Association. Additionally, Torrey serves as an advisor 
to Phi Beta Lambda. 

An accounting and office systems major, Brown stays on the Pres- 
ident's and National Dean's Lists. She is treasurer of Phi Beta 
Lambda and secretary of Phi Theta Kappa. She is listed as Who's 
Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. Furthermore, 
she is a tutor for the Learning Center. Brown is not only actively 
involved in school activities, but also in church and community 
activities. She is a pianist for the First United Pentecostal Church. 
Moreover, according to Tommy Massey who serves as a nursing 
home administrator, "She has willingly devoted her time working 
to improve the quality of life for the elderly in area nursing facili- 
ties. Likewise, she has spent endless hours to create a sense of 
well-being and pride among our youth." 














Named in the 1997-1998 volume of Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges are (seated, 1 to 
r) Essie Granger, Kathy Baxter, Angela Starks, Marci Ernst, Henry Bacon, (standing) Henry Whitehead, Nancy 
Basye, Mark Mitchell, Fionna Brown, Jenae Marshall, and Sterling Dossett. 

Also named in the 1997-1998 volume of Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges are (seated, 
1 to r) Tara Young, Treneice Conway, Melissa Dixon, Shermeeka Mitchell, Chris Dukes, (standing) Buddy 
Givens, Casey Johnson, Eric Glidden, and Sheva Dean. 



SGA members are (seated, 1 to r) Jennifer Payne, presi- 
dent; Treneice Conway, vice-president; Casey John- 
son, secretary-treasurer; Evangeline Morgan, sopho- 
more representative; Veronica Dunmore, freshman 
representative (standing) Bettye Mullen, advisor; Sara 
Marchbanks, advisor; Allen Oliver, advisor; Beth 
McAllen, sophomore representative; and Vanessa Gib- 
son, sophomore representative. 


Circle K members are (seated, 1 to r) Kathy Baxter 
Amanda Bush, treasurer; Shirley French, vice- 
president; John Bullen, advisor; Shermeeka Mitchell 
and Paul Baxter. 


DECA members are (first row, 1 to r) Nicki Cupit, Pam 
White, Ellie King; Josie Bates; Eula Lane; (second row, 
1 to r) Henry Bacon; Jo Hinton, advisor; LaKeisha Gor- 
don; Guynell Smith; Becky Nevill, advisor; Jamie Hin- 
son; Paul Baxter; (third row, 1 to r) Eyrich Clark, Bryn- 
son Rogers; Chip Williams; Deltarus Thompson; and 
Brad Smith. 



PBL members are (front row, 1 to r) Angela Starks, 
reporter; Lianne Pilgrim, treasurer; Candice Cavin, 
president; Jennifer Patterson, secretary; Ami Latimer, 
vice-president; (second row) Leslie Luckett, Brandy 
Rogers; Evageline Morgan; Arteda Jackson; Lekita 
Brady; Patsy Ikard; Michele Barlow; Tessie Bandy; 
Twyla Ware; (third row) Linda Davis, advisor; Yanika 
Madison; Valencea Carter; Fionna Brown; Jenae Mar- 
shall; Tracy Floyd; Tracy Ware; Brenda Morrison; Cov- 
ora Luckett; and Mariea Torrey, advisor. Not pictured 
is Ilene McGhee. 


PTK members are (seated, 1 to r) Charlene Wilson, his- 
torian; Fionna Brown, secretary; Jenae Marshall, 
reporter; Tracy Floyd, president; Mark Mitchell, vice- 
president; Kenneth Taylor, advisor; (standing) 
Guynell Smith; Jennifer Payne; Nicki Cupit; Buddy 
Givens; Beth McAllen; Cynthia Rampey; Shermeeka 
Mitchell; Laura Winston; and Melissa Dixon. 


N-Sight members are (1 to r) Mark LaFrancis, advisor; 
Chris Dukes, news manager; Kathv Baxter, reporter; 
and Shirley French, reporter. 



President's Council members are (front row, 1 to r) Chris Dukes, N-Sights news manager; Candice Cavin, PBL president; Tracy Floyd, PTK 
president; Selton Bourdin, VICA president; Dr. Ronnie Nettles, Dean of Natchez Campus; (back row) Dr. Howell Garner, President of Copi- 
ah-Lincoln Community College; Mark Mitchell, Spanish Club president; Jennifer Payne, SGA president; Treneice Conway, SGA vice-pres- 
ident; Jenae Marshall, SHARE senior aide advisor; and Dr. Paul Johnson, Dean of College. 


HOSA members are (first row, 1 to r) LaDonna Knight. Delores Jenkins, Jacqueline Kennedy, Quartreat Hardin, Patricia Smith, Brenda 
Fells, LaShey Switzer, Alisha Etheridge, Margaret Dees (second row) Patsy Davis, Sebrenna Washington. Malika Dabbs, Christine Easton. 
Brittany Coleman, SwaSandra Lowe, Rhonda Partridge. April Miller, Tori Evans, Shelia McNemar, Debra Ellis, advisor; Clint Williams, 
(third row) Lamctric Mackey, Sheva Dean, Teleter Tucker, Angela Lowe. Angel Guin. Jeanette Weaver. Carolyn McCoy. Nell Garcia, 
Melanie Walker, and Lawanda Doss, advisor. Not pictured is Sue Blaekwell, advisor. 



Spanish Club members are (seated, 1 to r) Buddy Givens. historian; Cindy Rampey. vice-president; Mark Mitchell, president; Shirley 
French, secretary-treasurer; Temika Tyler; (standing) Kathy Baxter; Amanda Bush; Shermeeka Mitchell; Brandy Rogers; and Catherine 
Suadi. Not pictured is Linda Flynn. advisor. 


SHARE members are (front row. 1 to r) Josie Anderson, advisor; Ryan Dixon; Elizabeth Bacon; Gwen McCalip, advisor; (back row) John- 
ny Wilson; Nicholas Herron; Rosalind Hargrave; and Jack Patterson. Not pictured are Janae Marshall, senior aide advisor; LaDonna Knight; 
Sara Strickland; and Brenda Fells. 







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Albritton, Adrian, Natchez 

Allen, Kelly, Natchez 

Anderson, Betty, Natchez 

Arnold, Lori, Gloster 

Ashley, Mike, Natchez 

Austin, Chastity, Natchez 

Bacon, Elizabeth, Natchez 

Bandy, Terressa, Natchez 

Banks, Gene, Natchez 

Basyne, Nancy, Vidalia, LA. 

Baxter, Brian, Natchez 

Baxter, Kathy, Vidalia, LA. 

Baxter, Paul, Vidalia, LA. 

Beach, Bandy, Natchez 

Bell, Rhosanda, Natchez 

Bernard, Deleslie, Natchez 

Blount, Holly, Natchez 

Blount, Lucas, Monterey 

Bourdin, Edward, Natchez 

Bourdin, Selton, Natchez 

Brady, Lekita, Natchez 

Brasseal, Jeff, Natchez 

Braswell, Suzy, Fayette 

Brown, Alton, Natchez 

Brumfield, Jennifer, Natchez 

Brumfield, Vicki, Natchez 

Butler, Jacquetta, Natchez 

Butler, Wayne, Natchez 

Calcote, Brenda, Natchez 

Carroll, Pat, Natchez 

Cater, Wendy, Natchez 

Cavin, Candice, Crosby 

Christmas, Kimberly, Natchez 

Colton, Nicole, Ferriday, LA. 

Cooley, Hilary, Vidalia, LA. 

Coughran, Stacy, Sicily Island, LA. 

Cox, Ashley, Natchez 

Crow, Pam, Natchez 

Cupit, Vanessa, Vidalia, LA. 

Dahbs, Malika. Natchez 

Davis, Danielle, Natchez 

Davis, Sabrina, Natchez 

DeLorenzo, Joan, Natchez 

Demby, Netairre, Natchez 

Dixon, Carolyn, Vidalia, LA. 

Dixon, Saunya, Natchez 

Dooley, Brian, Woodville 

DuBose, Lyndsey, Natchez 

Dukes, Carolyn, Natchez 


Dunbar, LaToya, Natchez 
Dunn, Yvonne, Natchez 
Duson, Quenta, Natchez 
Earnest, Monica, Natchez 
Elery, Kameithia, Natchez 
Ellis, Deidra, Fayette 
Elveston, Ashley, Natchez 

Ernst, Marci, Natchez 
Farris, Cynthis, Vidalia, LA. 
Felter, Kelly, Natchez 
Felton, Glendon, Roxie 
Felton-Hall, Jacqualine, Natchez 
Finley, Michelle, Natchez 
Fletcher, Connie, Natchez 

Floyd, Tracy, Natchez 
Foster, Bert, Natchez 
Frith, Gary, Monterey, LA. 
Fry, Polly, Liberty 
Gibbs, Melita, Natchez 
Glatzer, Elise, Church Hill 
Graves, Kimberly, Vidalia, LA. 

Green, Keisha, Natchez 
Greene, Mickie, Monterey, LA. 
Grice, Jaclyn, Union Church 
Griffis, Shaun, Natchez 
Guin, Angela, Clayton, LA. 
Guthrie, Kathrine, Natchez 
Haines, Cecil, Natchez 

Hargrave, Rosaline, Natchez 
Harmon, Kristeen, Vidalia, LA. 
Harris, LaTonya, Natchez 
Havard, Claire, Natchez 
Hawkins, Lawrence, Natchez 
Hendricks, Ronnie, Natchez 
Hinson, Amber, Natchez 

Hinson, Jamie, Natchez 
Hollins, Marie, Natchez 
Holmes, Teri, Natchez 
Houghton, Chad, Vidalia, LA. 
Hrenko, April, Vidalia, LA. 
Hudgens, Anna, Natchez 
Hudson, Sharon, Fayette 

Jackson, Arteda, Natchez 
Jackson, Gwendolyn, Natchez 
Jacobs, Stephanie, Natchez 
Jefferson, TaShauna, Fayette 
Jensen, Nicole, Woodville 
Johns, Catina, Natchez 
Johnson, Anitra, Natchez 


Johnson, Chasity, Vidalia 

Johnson, Jeannie, Natchez 

Johnson, Kamesha, Natchez 

Johnson, LaQuanda, Natchez 

Johnson, Melinda, Natchez 

Johnson, Shamieka, Natchez 

Joiner, Carolyn, Meadville 

Junkin, Kyle, Natchez 

Kimball, Lindsay, Natchez 

Kimball, William, Natchez 

King, Felicia, Natchez 

Lambert, Christy, Woodville 

Lambert, Tammy, Natchez 

Lowe, Angela, Natchez 

Lowe, Swashanda, Fayette 

Mackey, Lametric, Fayette 

McDonald, Falisha, Natchez 

McGhee, Ilene, Roxie 

McGowan, Tanya, Vidalia, LA. 

McGrew, Nicholas, Natchez 

McGuffee, Arron, Natchez 

McKnight, Velveeta, Natchez 

McManus, Henry, Natchez 

McMurren, Angie, Natchez 

Manchester, Monica, Natchez 

Manley, Justin, Natchez 

Marshall, Miranda, Natchez 

Mason, Clare, Natchez 

Mason, Thomas, Natchez 

Massey, Bruce, Natchez 

Middleton, Amanda, Natchez 

Miller, April, Natchez 

Miller, Chameika, Natchez 

Miller, Holly, Ferriday, LA. 

Milligan, LeeAnn, Vidalia, LA. 

Moffett, Roseanna, Natchez 

Moody, Judy, Natchez 

Moore, Irma, Natchez 

Mophett, Jared, Jonesville, LA. 

Mount, Carol, Monterey, LA. 

Mullins, Gary, Natchez 

Murphy, Linda, Natchez 

Nance, DeAnna, Natchez 

O'Quinn, Shinita, Natchez 

Owens, Holli, Woodville 

Partridge, David, Natchez 

Perry, Dawn, Natchez 

Perry Gwendolyn, Natchez 


Pickett, LaToya, Natchez 
Piper, Amelia, Natchez 
Ragus, Rachel, Roxie 
Rankin, Jacquelyn, Fayette 
Reppond, Erin, Fayette 
Reynolds, Shalottie, Natchez 

Rhodes, Lindy, Natchez 
Richards, Mary, Natchez 
Roberts, Chasity, Natchez 
Roberts, Julie, Meadville 
Rogers, Brandy, Natchez 
Rouse, Tammy, Natchez 

Rushing, Ron, Natchez 
Saul, Tareeka, Natchez 
Selmon, Mattie, Fayette 
Sharp, Kelly, Roxie 
Sherman, Vernell, Natchez 
Shupe, Kristi, Natchez 

Simmons, Kameshala, Natchez 
Sinclair, Tabatha, Natchez 
Singleton, Kevin, Natchez 
Slover, Nancy, Natchez 
Smith, Armetrice, Fayette 
Smith, Erin, Natchez 

Smith, Keri, Woodville 
Smooth, Nicole, Natchez 
Smothers, LaKiesha, Natchez 
Smothers, LaTonya, Natchez 
Starks, Angela, Natchez 
Suadi, Catherine, Vidalia, LA. 

Swaggart, Johyn, Natchez 
Thomas, Kevin, Natchez 
Thomas, Wanda, Gloster 
Thompson, Tina, Natchez 
Valentine, Todd, St. Joseph, LA. 
Walker, Ray, Woodville 

Watts, Danny, Natchez 
White, Danielle, Natchez 
White, Pamela, Vidalia, LA. 
Whitney, Jennifer, Natchez 
Wilkinson, Debbie, Natchez 
Williams, Chip, Natchez 

Williams, Jennifer, Natchez 
Yancy, Beth, Vidalia, L.A. 
York, Yolanda, Natchez 




Co-Lin/Natchez Trillium staff members are (first row, 1 to r) Robin Calhoun, Shirley French, Angela Starks, (second row) Brandy Rogers, Linda Walker Green, 
Deirdre Chevallier; (third row) Eugena Green, and Gerri Brown, advisor. Not pictured is Joyce Castillo. 




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